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Estes Park 27th annual wool market - June 11-12th, 2016

It is time to mark our calendar for Buffalo Wool Company up coming trip to Estes Park, Colorado and we would love for you to join us!  We will be attending the 27th annual wool market located in the beautiful town of Estes Park within the Rocky Mountain National park.  The park is just getting ready for the summer crowds but not crazy crowded yet. The days are cool but warmed by the mid-day sun, just a perfect weekend to get away to the Rocky Mountains. The elk will be around town, the dog trails are always entertaining and the views are just spectacular! So start planning that fun get away weekend with your better half or your road trip best buds.

This will be the 27th wool market being held at the fair grounds.  Classes are held on June 9 to 10, and are held before the market and activities begin so you won't miss a thing! There are lots of local vendors with great fiber, yarn and ready to wear items. We will have our booth in the vendor hall with all of our wonderful bison products from roving, yarn to ready to wear hats, socks and gloves.    

Here is a quick link to see what classes are still available and other market i