12 Days of Bison Day 5: "Thunder in the Palo Duro"

Hello and Good Monday to you fine folks.

I have tried 5 different beginnings this morning, and now I realize why I left the "Everything and everyone has been fed and watered" for so long.. it is familiar and gives me a good place to launch into some diatribe on anything. I really have no big speech planned for the intro piece this morning, but I did have one thing I wanted to share... I keep seeing this in my Facebook feed.

📷 Calling all friends who are self-employed, small business owners, or want to support creative, small businesses! 📷

Let's see the variety of business endeavours in our extended circles. Post a link to your website below WITHOUT a description - just the link itself. Anyone who follows me can see it and visit your site.

Copy this text onto your own page and give others the chance to reach more people through your circle. Let's help each other out

The holidays are just upon us and wouldn’t it be nice to get a handmade etsy gift for someone or super cool cookware and storage, and support a small business at the same time?
#support #smallbiz #community

And I love the sentiment and all, and I really want to help connect people with small producers who make things...It has kinda become a personal mission, there are a couple of issues with this post. I have an idea though, and will revisit it when we get to the daily giveaway challenge.

I hope you enjoy the tidbits today.
Ron & T

Best of Bison: "Thunder in the Palo Duro"

Today's offering comes from our friend Jack Sorenson via the Herd Wear Retail Store.

This is one of the most impressive bison paintings I have ever seen... you can almost feel the thunder as you look a the detail of the dust and hear the hooves trampling the red dirt canyon. The story of Charles Goodnight is obviously close to home, and this just helps bring the legend to life.

If you are not familiar with Jack Sorenson... here is a great article from HistoryNet.com or check out his website here.

There is a beautiful story with this fantastic piece of art. The horseman at the back of the herd is none other than Charles Goodnight himself. And this is the representation of Goodnight rounding up bison in the late 1800's in the Palo Duro Canyon of west Texas.

But that is not the story. Jack Sorenson grew up in the Palo Duro Canyon. He rode horseback it's length and breadth. He broke horses there for his family's stables. He knew the name of every monument, every creek and every draw. .. and he has seen most all of them personally.

But it wasn't until he was well grown and an established figure in the world of Western art that he was taken to the very place that Goodnight actually made a round-up of native bison. It was one of the long time landowners; a true old-time cowman, that took Jack, once again on horseback. What you see as the backdrop is the story. It is a visual re-creation of the split formations through which runs the Prairie Town Fork of the Red River - the water that carved the Palo Duro Canyon. It is a true picture of where the history of the Goodnight bison really began.

And there is one more piece to the story that I will use to tease you. You will get it in writing with each print, but no other way!

Not only is the original oil painting available. Dad has licenced some prints and giclee framed editions. Own a piece of American history.

See this and More at the Herd Wear Retail Store

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