Estimated Restocking Dates.

We continue to make things as fast as we can...  but it's not like we can just place an order for XXXlbs of bison fiber. We do this from start to finish and it takes about a year from harvest to finished product. 

Here are the best estimates on when we will receive restocking items. 

Gloves are coming in quickly, most Extreme OOS styles will be refilled in short order, the Advantage gloves will follow, we do have the yarn at The Knitting Mill, and he keeps sending boxes weekly.

Bison Beanies  Just Restocked!  200 available 

Socks - from Fox River

PO #2022/10/3 – Style 3462 Trekker Boot Sock

Ø  LG – complete April 10

Ø  MD – complete March 27

Ø  SM – complete March 13

Ø  XL – complete April 10


PO # 106222022 – style 8292 Kenai (new style) 

Ø  XL – complete Jan 8

Ø  LG – complete Feb 6

Ø  MD – complete Feb 27


PO #2022/10/3PG – style 3787 Pro Gear

Ø  Size LG – complete Jan 16

Ø  Size MD – complete Jan 30

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