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It looks like winter is finally here, and things (including feet) are getting colder. It's pretty chilly here today; cold enough that I put on a pair of Yellowstone socks this morning to go do chores. These are my current favorite cold weather sock, not too heavy but plenty warm.  
This is time of year we get a lot of "When will XXX be back in stock?" emails and phone calls, and trying to stay ahead of that we now have an "Expected Restock" page started on the website. But, I thought it best to give our loyal readers a quick heads up summary.

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Short Stock Summary: 


Coming in steadily, Fingerless are being knit now, and then a restock of Full fingered, availability is good. See all the gloves here.



Bison Felt Hats:

It looks like we might actually get these ALL restocked in the upcoming weeks. 2100 hat bodies in process.  Very excited about this. 

One more quick note:

We are currently dyeing gloves, scarves, etc., and if there is something you see where we are out of the color you would like, please just email or call, can be done pretty quickly. 
We have been working all year on harvesting and processing bison fiber into all sorts of things. Some things are a bit of experimentation, but mostly production of some of the tried and tested products.  We actually have made two runs totaling about 12,000 pair of our Trekker boot socks. Today we will run out of the large size.  It is not a surprise, and it is kind of a good problem to have, but we are constantly trying to explain why we don't have an unlimited supply of fiber and products. 
We are continuing to make things as fast as we can. Our partners are Zeilingers continue to process fiber, and some things that are knitted here at The Knitting Mill (like gloves, hats, scarves, gaiters etc.) are coming in rapidly. Michael is pretty much working around the clock to help get us caught up. (He is truly the most awesome guy, and makes exceptional products) 
Sock batches take a bit longer, but we do get a good "ready by" date, and Fox River almost always beats their expectations.
We did just receive a big box of Extreme Mittens, and the new Ultralight Gaiters to match the Ultralight Beanies (so flipping warm and soft)  The Pet beds will launch on Saturday finally... we are stuffing them currently. 

Coming Soon: 6th Annual "Twelve Days of Bison"

Our 6th  annual "Twelve Days of Bison" is coming soon, and this year there is a LOT of really cool stuff we have to share.  T and Dad have been working on this for weeks. Photos have been taken, descriptions are being written, and I think you will enjoy seeing some of the awesome things they have assembled.  The 12 days starts one week from today on "Brown Thursday."  



Ron & T

The Buffalo Wool Co.

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