La Paz, MX - Father's Day fishing trip

currently working on this as you read it..

Will be working on it on the drive back to Cabo..  trying to do this from the phone is a bit challenging.with the bumps and service. 

Its just vacation pics, but we had an amazing time and there are some pretty fish. 

Thia was a bucket list family trip. Spent seven days with Dad and youngest daughter. We did 4 days fishing in the Sea of Cortez, caught 9? different species, had some amazing food (a lot of which we caught) 

Huge thanks to Jonathan Roldan at Tailhunter outfitting for some amazing experiences. 


Socks on a boat...

Socks on a boat.

Me and Mahi...

 Dad and Dorado...

dad and dorado

 T and her Roosterfish


 I got one too. 


Ron and roo

dad and rooster



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