The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock) Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Natural Medium
The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock) Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock) Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock) Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock) Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.

The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock)

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You've asked for them, we made them, our new warmer climate short ankle socks, the "Best Overall Short Sock". 

This sock has a great foot fit design with integraB.O.S.S. sockted arch support, terry loop cushioning through the footbed, flat toe seam, breathing toe box, ultra re-inforced on the heel and ball of the foot.  It is insulating, soft and durable,  wicking moisture away like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They are a little heavier and more cushioning than you would expect but truly maintain your body temp without trapping excess heat. 

Designed for a dry cool comfort in hot environments, with superior moisture regain properties, and exceptional air-flow almost double the wicking of fine wool. (keeps your feet dry and sweat free)

Exceptionally durable for outdoor activities, long distance running, hold up strong for eighteen holes, or just knocking around town in your sneakers. These socks are incredibly easy to care for and due to their antimicrobial properties, feel free to wear them a few times before washing. But when they do need to be cleaned, simply machine wash on the warm or cool setting, then toss them in the dryer. 

Fiber content; 30% Bison  / 30% Preshrunk Merino Wool / 30% Bamboo / 7% nylon and 3% Lycra spandex. 

  • Targeted cushioning system
  • Volumetric compression - full foot compression supports you during and after intense activity.
  • Spandex arch support helps fight fatigue and keeps the sock in place
  • The vented panel provides breathability 
  • A smooth flat toe seam
  • Reinforced heel and toe wear zones
  • Bison logo on the toe
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine wash and dry

Sock Sizing

Socks should fit as well as any of your other garments. The heel should sit on your heel and not under it as in a sock too small, nor half way up your Achilles as in a sock that’s too large. Socks should be flush against your foot with no extra material sagging. The toe seam should lay flat across the top of the toes.

Sock Heel at Your Heel
The sock heel should sit on your heel, not under it or above it.

Flat Toe Seam
The toe seam should lie flat along the top of your toes, not above or below.

Taut Across the Foot
Socks should be taut across your foot with no sagging material.

Shoe Size US Men US Women

3 – 6


7 – 9

7 – 10


9.5 – 11.5

10 – 12.5


12 – 14

Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Amy F. (Caledonia, US)
These socks are the best!

I decided to try these socks, so I ordered a pair. When I got them, I immediately put them on and wore them around (and ordered 3 more pair). They fit perfectly, and that is rare for me with having small feet. I usually have to buy socks in the children’s section. They are so comfortable, supportive and “squishy”. I took a chance and wore them in the 80+ degree weather today; my feet never overheated and there was no foot odor. I love them.

Janet B. (Clio, US)
Great BOSS (socks!)

Great fit and feel of my, ever so comfortable, BOSS! Perfect weight sock and cushioning and they stay up! I will be ordering more for myself and for a gift!

Christina G. (Española, US)

Haven't worn them yet, but I'm sure they will keep my feet warm. I like all of your products that I have gotten from you guys. Thank you.

Jeff W. (Lakewood, US)
Comfortable in all weather

I wore the BOSS socks while walking around Las Vegas in 100+ temperatures and they were very comfortable.

Jorge L. (Raleigh, US)
Favorite Socks EVER!

I would like to say that I was hesitant in purchasing these BOSS socks due to their price and not know if I would like them. I can honestly say I am very happy with my decision to purchase these socks. I have been wearing them for a few weeks now and after washing them they still feel as soft as the first day I tried them on. Secondly, they are extremely comfortable and fit perfectly with my boots. I've bought cheap socks before and noticed wear on the ball or heel of the foot, these socks have shown minimal wear and I'm pretty rough on them. I am truly happy with the BOSS socks. So much so, that I am thinking of purchasing some for my pre-teen children who are still learning to not loose their socks. Lastly, I wanted to say that these socks are performing extremely well in the summer time, my feet are not getting sweaty and they do not stink. My understanding is that wool works great in hot and cold climates. I can vouch that for me, wool socks in summer is working, and I know they work well in winter. I would definitely recommend these socks to someone wanting to get the most/best value for their money.

Archie B. (Pensacola, US)
Great socks

I have three pairs of Buffalo socks and love them all. Living in Florida my feet sweat pretty good. With these socks I no longer feel like I have swimming pools on my feet. The socks breath really well in the heat

ForestDi56 (Trego, US)
Love it

It's a great gardening sock in my garden clogs. I will need to get more.

Jonathan P.
The name of the sock says it all

Literally the best overall short sock. They’re pricier than your big box store option, but you certainly get what you pay for here. Since switching to these socks, and the Trekkers for cold weather, I have thrown away every cotton sock I own. My feet sweat noticeably less (a major problem for me) and with less sweat comes less stink! Seriously, buy these socks. You won’t regret it