In the Media

Create Channel
Two for the Road

The Buffalo Wool Co. is a proud supporter of Two for the Road, a show all about travel and the “New American Dream.” Follow Nik and Dusty, a married couple from Texas, as they adventure around the World. Season Three finds the duo traveling to Bolivia, Iceland, the Galapagos Island, Puerto Rico, and more. Find the show on public televisions Create Channel or the PBS Video app. You can also watch directly on their site.

Meet my Neighbor Productions, Inc.
Native: The Prodigies of an Icon

We are also excited to support the filmNative: The Prodigies of an Icon. This documentary highlights the bison as an American icon, and follows the industry that champions it.

Sportsman Channel
Last of a Breed

Eagle eyed viewers spotted our Advantage Trekker boot socks worn by Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller on this show all about surviving in the mountains. Join Sasquatch as he hunts, traps, and survives off the land, much like his ancestors did in the mid-1800s.

History Channel

This History Channel staple follows 10 contestants as they try to survive alone in the British Columbia wilderness. We spotted The Buffalo Wool Co. socks worn by contestant Clay Hayes in Season 8. He gives a short review in his season 8 gear overview. “These are really nice, they come way up your calves which helps to keep your feet warm. I was impressed with these. I really enjoyed having these along with me.”

 From his article in Outdoor Life, “...wool won’t hold moisture like cotton socks, so they help keep your feet dry, which adds significantly to comfort. And as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t stink, they clean up easily, and they don’t lose all their loft after wearing them all day or, in my case, for months.”

History Channel
Mountain Men

This History Channel show follows several families as they homestead in America’s wilderness. These true mountain men live off the land and face the elements head on. Josh Kirk sports some The Buffalo Wool Co. socks in the last two seasons.