It's Been a Wild One! A few lists to round out the year.

It's NEW YEAR'S EVE, and 2023 is almost in the history books. It's been a pretty wild year, I hope you get to spend the long weekend doing something you enjoy with people you love.

"I wake up every morning determined to do two things, change the world and have one hell of a good time. This makes planning my days difficult." - M. Watkins.
T and I both spent a good bit of time going back through the pics we have taken for our end of year newsletter...    
  • 453 pics taken fishing
  • 370 pics of family (many of them fishing)
  • 224 pics of Lulubelle, Brisket, Maverick, Cream Cheese and the Turkeys & Piggies
  • 206 pics of bison  
  • 178 product pics (some of them while fishing)  
  • 54 pics taken at the mill or partner knitters  
I promise not to repost them all here... just a few of the best.    
It was a wonderful holiday season, but we have been going flat-out full speed for a while now, trying to keep the wheels on the wagon, and it's really been more about taking care of the folks who take care of us. My only regret is that our limited time is so occupied with work we don't always get to properly express how grateful we are and how much we appreciate all the help and support we receive.    
Love y'all, and thank you for all you do.  
Ron & T, 
The Buffalo Wool Co.

A few of our personal milestones from 2023...

  1. Spent more time with family.
  2. Chris's Graduation - our oldest grand graduated high school 1/2 year early.
  3. Lacee's Graduation - our oldest daughter (Chris' mom) graduated college and got her Teaching Certificate... very proud.
  4. Youngest turned 30 - Can't have happened, we aren't that old. She also completed the Chicago Marathon and I got to go watch!!! so much fun
  5. Son-in Law Matt completed the Berlin Marathon, we didn't get to go watch, but they had fun, and T got to go stay with the big W there.
  6. Fishing - From Mexico to Alaska, we had some fun.
  7. Brown Socks: Lulubelle had her second calf, and it's adorable.

2023 was a pretty good year, we are truly blessed.

Things we made in 2023

We tried a few new things this year, some were pretty awesome and some just kinda weird (blurple) We have some new partners, a new spinning mill, and have received a bunch of new ideas from you folks... please keep them coming.

  1. Red Dog Kids Socks: We finally got around to making not just one, but two bison socks and hats for kids. This was probably our biggest W for the year. We have a few new things in process for this line coming for 2024, can't wait to show them off
  2. Bison liner gloves with deerskin shells: Yet another thing off the "Dream Board" into reality. Walt at Glove City Leathers did an excellent job of finally figuring out how to make a 2 part set that doesn't bind up around the fingers. and since many of you have asked, we have the liner gloves sold separately now.
  3. Bison Gauntlet Gloves: Probably the coolest looking glove we have ever had, yet another win from Walt
  4. Bison Fiber Pillows: Such a simple things, but so comfortable Since the comforters have been such a success, we added pillows, and I have to say this is my personal favorite thing we have made since our 1/4 zips. I love mine and have it right at the perfect be soft and squishy but supportive (took about 1/2 lb of the fiber out) T just put them on sale as well... only 24 left.
  5. American Field socks: Kodiak Edition: These were a smash hit, and are almost gone already, I think we might have to make more soon.
  6. BWC "Lord of the Plains" and "Field Tested" shirts shirts these were a result of meeting up with the guys at American Lictor. I fully plan on doing many more shirts with them. If you have one, you know how great they feel, and how durable they are. We should be introducing one a month for 2024. I just love working with these guys... they will be joining us at the NBA conference as well.
  7. Bison Leather lined utility gloves. Just got them in, and so far I think they are a win. Durable and cushioned, moderately insulating. Another win for Midwest Glove!

We have a few things that didn't quite make it to market yet.. and will be working on more for 2024. Puffy Vests, Sleeping Bags, Slipper Socks.. and who knows what else.

The best is yet to come.

So, lots of pics, and many more memories... I spent way more time reliving some of the fun parts of last year than I ever could put down here... ya'll would have been pretty bored. We had fun though.

I keep getting New Years sales emails from every company that has our email addy. and I really didn't want to make today about selling stuff, however, as a little token of appreciate to everyone who has read this far, "Thankyou2023" is a one time use per customer discount code and will give you a little break if you do need anything.

We will continue to try to improve our lives, the lives of folks around us, and share some of the good things. We are truly blessed, and even though there are new "Challenges" out there every single day... we will succeed. Failure is not an option.

I am sure there is something important I forgot, but there is always next week. Love ya'll, and thank each and every one of you for spending this time with us. Have an awesome night and Happy New Year! (don't do anything stupid please)

Ron & T
The Buffalo Wool Co.

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