Why American Bison Wool Makes the Best Socks

         So, you are considering trying a pair of American bison down socks?

Congratulations! this is the first step (see what I did there?)

  to having comfortable feet under ANY conditions.  

Serious Insulation: No Bull

Think of a bison. They tend to live in some pretty harsh climates, Mother Nature has given them the perfect clothing to keep them comfortable year round in all kinds of conditions. This is because of the "down" or fine soft undercoat that they grow out in winter and shed out in spring. They don't have pounds of this fiber, it is so efficient that it only takes 6-8 oz of this amazing stuff to keep a bison completely comfortable in temperatures down past -60F. This downy fiber has a natural crimp to it that helps it trap more dead air than any other fiber. Dead air is a fantastic insulator and provides a great buffer against the cold.  The best evidence of this is the fact that bison can get completely crusted over with ice and snow, as their body heat doesn't escape through this amazing insulator. 


Wicks moisture wayyy better than anything else out there. 

 Bison fibers do such a good job of moving moisture away from the skin that even if the fabric is soaking wet the surface area of your skin will remain dry. Bison down fibers can absorb over 35% of their dry weight before feeling wet. Most synthetics feel wet after they absorb less than 7%. Synthetic fibers and sheeps wool both have some ability to wick moisture, but only bison down has the ability to wick away moisture in its vapor state.  Drier=More comfortable, less bacterial growth, no foot funk!   


bison down

 Dehaired bison down- ready for spinning.

We have been raising bison for over 30 years, and working with bison fiber for almost 12 years, and we have listened to you, our faithful consumer, we have worked with experts in sock technology, and field tested a lot of designs, blends, and styles under the most extreme conditions we can find to make the most effective socks possible.

Sweet Feet

Because of bison down's extreme ability to effectively manage moisture, odor-causing bacteria don’t have the moist environment they need to thrive. You can wear bison during intense activity and over extended periods of time without having to worry about odor. They will keep even the sweatiest of feet from smelling foul.

FUN FACT: Justin Savidis of Snowhook Kennels, (one of our favorite Iditirod mushers) has told us he used to carry 25-30 pair of wool socks for the 1000 mile dogsled race, but now that he wears our Trekker socks, he only packs 5 pair. 


 WEIRD WARNING I personally wore one pair of the B.O.S.S socks 10 days hiking in the jungle... yes TEN days without the first hint of smell or stink.  

Here is a great article by Senior Skiing Magazine on their 5 day bison sock test. 

Care and Handling of your bison down garments.   

Step 1. Wash them

Step 2. Dry them

Step 3.  Put them back on your feet

When its time, just toss your American bison socks in the washing machine, don't worry about special soaps, and you don't need to worry about water temps, then toss them in the dryer. They don't shrink. Bison down is a solid protein, it doesn't shrink.  I personally can't be troubled to handwash my gear, and when we are developing a yarn or blend, we make sure that whatever we are adding to the bison fiber is either shrinkproof (silk, nylon)  or preshrunk (merino wool), so that you don't ever have to worry about someone turning your prized socks into doll clothes. 

 Designed to fit, last, and stay in place

We have put a fair bit of time and a lot of other peoples expertise in to our socks.  Socks are very important to your daily comfort, and there have been some pretty awesome technological advancements in footwear design over the last 10 years, and we have been lucky enough to work with some of the best hosiery manufacturers in the U.S. to incorporate these into our lineup. Little things make a big difference, compression where you need it (arch & ankle), and non-constricting around your calves and legs. We also believe that if you pay this much for a pair of socks they should last you a long long time, and so we over-plait the entire toe box and ball of your foot with ballistic nylon, as well as reinforce it under your heel, and up your achillies area.  

 Some of the AMAZING U.S. Companies we are proud to work with.


Features we have incorporated into our socks.

Technical boot sock


What would work best for you? Tall socks, short socks, thick and heavy boot socks to wear in your muck boots or waders, running socks, lightweight wicking socks for your ski boots? I think we have you covered. 

We have tried to simplify the information on our 6 sock styles a bit.  I hope this will give you a good start in evaluating our products, and maybe simplify the decision making process.

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