Why Bison?

Soft enough to wrap a baby in, tough enough to keep a mountain man warm in a blizzard!

Its Soft... Bison down has a remarkable I-want-to-be-next-to-the-skin feel. This solid core smooth protein has a micron count of about 15, comparable to good cashmere. Squeeze a skein. No prickle, scratch, or itch. Just soft and cozy.

Its Warm... Have you ever seen a buffalo in the snow? The crimpy down creates thousands of tiny air pockets all insulating you as no other fiber. Need something not quite so warm? Try one of our blended yarns.

Its Lightweight.  The fine down is light weight but durable.  It Lasts and Lasts and Lasts From laceweight to our heavier sport yarns, they only gets softer with wear. Bison down yarns bloom a bit, creating this beautiful halo. Bison down is perfect for knitting an heirloom quality piece. But please, use your creation every chance you get. It was meant to be used.

Its Tough...   Our American bison down yarns are  Buffalo Tough.

Bison down is also:

  • Hypo-Allergenic No known allergies to the fiber.
  • Water-wicking- Bison down has a moisture regain of about 30%, keeping you warm and comfortable even when wet.
  •  Easy Care- Because its not hollow or have barbs like wool, it doesnt shrink. Craft to size and it will stay that way.
  •  Our ready to wear garments can be machine washed and dried.
Hot Or Cold Temps... Bison Can Survive It All.

Why Buffalo Wool?! Ron Miskin from The Buffalo Wool Company explains the unique qualities of wool derived from bison. #Bison #BuffaloWoolCo #Buffalo #Wool https://thebuffalowoolco.com/

Posted by The Buffalo Wool Co on Friday, May 4, 2018

Did we mention soft?

A little more about bison in general...


Bison History:


Bison are native to North America. At one time, their numbers were estimated as high as 70 million, but the 1800's saw a huge decline, down to only about 1000 in the 1880's. Due to ranches that now raise bison, mainly for meat, their numbers have returned to about 600,000. Nonetheless, there is only a limited amount of fiber available – estimated at 10,000 lbs per year, vs 2,100,000,000 lbs of sheep wool. 


Bison fiber  The hairs are made up of five hairs, the outer guard hairs are hollow, course and a micron count that starts at 21 and go  upward.  But it is the supersoft fine undercoat of the downy hair that we use for our premium bison down products.  The down has a 1 1/2-2 inch staple length that has been assisted by modern technology that as allowed the fiber to be made into a luxury yarn.  The "down" micron count is between 14 - 18. The hair contains no lanolin, which is the source of many wool allergies, making it an excellent allergy-free fiber.  Buffalo down is a very warm, insulating fiber that is warmer and more comfortable to wear than sheep's wool.  

Care of Bison: Bison fiber if bison tough, pure bison can be machine washed in warm water and dryed in the dryer on gentle cycle.  Machine washing will create a soft halo to your garment. Should you choose not to create the soft halo effect hand wash and lay flat dry.