Why Bison Wool?

It’s Soft!

Bison Wool is soft enough to wrap a baby in, and tough enough to keep a mountain man warm in a blizzard! Bison down has a remarkable “I want to be next to the skin” feel. The fiber has a micron count of about 15, comparable to a good cashmere. You won’t find prickles, scratches, or itches - just softness and a great sense of cozy. Plus, the fiber is hypo-allergenic - there are no known allergies to this fiber!

It’s Warm

Have you ever seen a buffalo in the snow? The crimpy down creates thousands of tiny air pockets that keep the animal warm. That same concept helps keep you insulated as no other fiber can. If you’re looking for something not quite so warm, try one of our blended yarns.

It’s Lightweight

Fine bison down is lightweight and durable. From laceweight to our heavier sport yarns, the fiber only gets softer with wear. Bison down yarns blooms a bit, creating a beautiful halo. Bison down is perfect for knitting heirloom quality pieces but please, strong enough to use your creation every chance you get.

It's Tough

Our American bison down yarns are Buffalo Tough.

Hot Or Cold Temps... Bison Can Survive It All.

Why Buffalo Wool?! Ron Miskin from The Buffalo Wool Company explains the unique qualities of wool derived from bison. #Bison #BuffaloWoolCo #Buffalo #Wool https://thebuffalowoolco.com/

Posted by The Buffalo Wool Co on Friday, May 4, 2018