Gone Fishing! The Herd Wear Store is Retiring

As many of you have heard by now, Dad is "retiring" and winding down operations at The Herd Wear Store. He's fine and looking forward to more time fishing and other fun things. You can read his retirement note here.

The store will be open all summer and through the fall of 2022. Dad thinks October is likely the earliest the store will wrap things up.

interior goodnight herd wear store

As Dad said, "this is not a sad thing, and no bad news." We're excited for whatever new adventures might be next.

The Buffalo Wool Co. Isn't Going Anywhere

While The Herd Wear store may be closing, The BWC has no plans to do anything other than keep on keeping on. In fact, we're more committed and focused than ever on bringing you amazing bison fiber products. There are definitely challenges right now as demand increases but we're going to make as much stuff as we can.

Speaking of Production!

We shared in our last newsletter that comforters and throws are back in stock! We have a new black/white checked covers this year, so give them a look.

T also strongly suggested that belts need to go, so give the new markdowns a look. Dad deserves a nice belt for Father's Day.

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