Bison Fiber Apparel by
The Buffalo Wool Co.
Our family has been raising American bison for almost 40 years.
We’ve spent the last ten years developing a supply chain here in the U.S.A
that brings together bison ranchers, small independent mills, and local manufacturers.
We believe that by working together, we can preserve America's national mammal: the American Plains Bison.
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OTC Compression Socks Advantage Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Medium 1 Pair American Field Bison Boot Socks Pro-Gear Technical Boot Bison/Silk Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Medium Yellowstone Bison/Merino Crew Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Pro-Gear Crew Bison/Silk Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. American Field (AF) Bison Crew Socks 2022 Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Medium One Pair Casual Crew Bison/Merino blend Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Natural, Navy, Black Large 3 Pair The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock) Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Natural Medium
OTC Compression Socks Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks American Field Bison Boot Socks Pro-Gear Technical - Bison/Silk Boot Socks Yellowstone Bison/Merino Crew Socks Pro-Gear Technical - Bison/Silk Crew Socks American Field (AF) Bison Crew Socks 2022 Casual Crew 2.0 Bison Fiber Socks Casual Crew Bison/Merino blend Socks The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock)
Height Over-the-calf Boot 14" Boot 12" Boot 12" Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew Ankle
Weight Midweight Extra Heavyweight Midweight Midweight Heavyweight Midweight Midweight Lightweight Lightweight Midweight
Typical-Use Non-medical grade compression Extreme cold climate Anything, Everything Skiing, Hiking, Hunting. Hiking, Hunting, Just a good warm sock Daily Wear (all climates) Daily Wear (all climates) Daily Wear (warmer climates) Daily Wear running, golf, shooting sports, daily wear
Customer Reviews

Bison fiber basics

Soft enough to wrap a baby in, tough enough to keep a mountain man warm in a blizzard!

Its Soft... Bison down has a remarkable I-want-to-be-next-to-the-skin feel. This solid core smooth protein has a micron count of about 15, comparable to good cashmere. Squeeze a skein. No prickle, scratch, or itch. Just soft and cozy.

Its Warm... Have you ever seen a buffalo in the snow? The crimpy down creates thousands of tiny air pockets all insulating you as no other fiber. Need something not quite so warm? Try one of our blended yarns.

Its Lightweight.  The fine down is light weight but durable.  It Lasts and Lasts and Lasts From laceweight to our heavier sport yarns, they only gets softer with wear. Bison down yarns bloom a bit, creating this beautiful halo. Bison down is perfect for knitting an heirloom quality piece. But please, use your creation every chance you get. It was meant to be used.

Its Tough...   Our American bison down yarns are  Buffalo Tough.

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We're Serious
The best protection from the elements
It isn't about design, style, or logo.

Insulating, Wicking, Durable, Comfortable.
See why American Bison fiber makes better socks

Our Promise to You

1. We are committed to helping conserve and promote the American plains bison and the ranchers that raise them. 

2. We stand behind every product 100%, if you don't absolutely love your purchase here, we will replace, exchange or buy it back.... your choice.

3. We are available to answer questions most of the time, and we love talking to people about bison and our bison products.  


Please, if you have any questions, call or write.. we answer emails fairly quickly, and the phone most hours.

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Bison Ranch Directory

Since day one, the Buffalo Wool Co. has been committed to helping conserve the American Bison and the ranchers that raise them. Over the last 10 years, we’ve built relationships and friendships with some amazing folks in the industry. Most of those folks run under the radar, so we’re excited to share their stories with the Buffalo Wool Co. community.

So click around; read some great stories and look at some amazing photos. If you feel so inclined, give these fine folks a follow on their socials.

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 It started with one pair of these socks. That didn't last long, I needed more. I wear them either by themselves around the house in the evenings or in between my callused hooves and a tattered pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers while I'm at work. If it's cold and I'm lazy, I'll wear them twice before washing. They get thrown in the wash with work pants and all of my other nasty metal chip covered, gear oil stinking work clothes. They come out of the dryer with no appreciable pilling, smelling of freedom, blue skies, and ready for another day's work. On top of that - no shrinkage (something admirable in almost any situation). 

P.S. If I know you in real life and you don't love these socks, I may have to re-evaluate our friendship.

Chad Tudor - Questionable Origin

By far the best pair of boot socks I have ever worn in my 30 + years os hunting over mostly wet ground. 
I will never buy hunting socks off of the rack again. Dry, soft, comfortable, all day long in the field or on the road. I wish I could give them 10 stars.

Bob Davis, Mossy Oak Game Keeper

Advantage Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks

I wore them every day during Kansas rifle season, both hunting and guiding. (I did wash them occasionally.) Extremely comfortable, very warm including when damp, amazingly washable. Awesome socks! 

Craig Boddington
In the Texas panhandle

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