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Sleep Sock
Sleep Sock
Sleep Sock
Sleep Sock

Sleep Sock

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  • Base Yarn Composition: 70% yak down / 30% nylon (imported)
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As many of you keep telling us, our Sleep Socks were one of our favorite products, ever!  

The sleep sock was designed to leave unrestricted circulation around the cuff - a top rising softly just above the ankle with no extra spandex ... just the natural stretch of the terry loop construction.  It adds the needed insulation to keep your blood supply in the feet comfy .. in bed, walking, or even with shoes or slippers. This version of the sleep sock is a yak/nylon yarn blend.

They were warm, comfortable, and durable and we have it on good authority that they actually saved several marriages.

  • Stretch terry loop construction on inside, flat knit outside
  • Loose cuff bind off the top of the sock, less restriction on the ankle
  • Natural brown Yak fiber (no dyes)
  • Imported yarn
  • Knitted in USA

Slipping into a cozy pair of ultra-soft, wicking, comfortable, natural fiber sleep socks after a long day can be one of the most luxurious feelings. Not only do they help regulate body temperature by wicking away moisture, but socks made with natural fibers can also help prevent odors and fungal infections, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, the softness and breathability of these socks can help promote a more restful night's sleep, as they won't irritate or constrict the feet.

Sock Sizing

Socks should fit as well as any of your other garments. The heel should sit on your heel and not under it as in a sock too small, nor half way up your Achilles as in a sock that’s too large. Socks should be flush against your foot with no extra material sagging. The toe seam should lay flat across the top of the toes.

Sock Heel at Your Heel
The sock heel should sit on your heel, not under it or above it.

Flat Toe Seam
The toe seam should lie flat along the top of your toes, not above or below.

Taut Across the Foot
Socks should be taut across your foot with no sagging material. If you wear a wide shoe size (E+), consider sizing up.

Shoe Size US Men US Women

3 – 6.5


7 – 9

7 – 10


9.5 – 11.5

10.5 – 12.5


12 – 14

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, lay flat or hang dry.

Once you are ready to clean your gear, follow a few simple steps to care for your favorite socks, beanie, and gloves.

How to Care for your favorite bison fiber gear

Material Composition

Here at The Buffalo Wool Co., our yarn bases for all our gear is (and will always be) natural fibers. This means that the internal structure of your socks (the parts that touch your skin) will be made from bison fiber, merino wool, mulberry silk, and other 100% natural fibers.

The overall composition (the parts that touch your skin plus everything else) will include other materials like nylon or polyester. This is done to make the sock more durable and ensure that your socks work (and play) as hard as you do.

Yarn Base Composition

70% yak down / 30% nylon (imported)

Overall Composition

55% yak down (imported) / 42% nylon / 2% Spandex / 1% polyester

Guide to fiber composition

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Customer Reviews

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Nita D. (Pine Grove, US)

I wear these socks every night! They warm quickly & having warm feet lulls me to sleep! Love these as well as all the products I have & use from this fabulous company!

Thomas C. (Glens Falls, US)
Exceeded my expectation!

These socks are more comfortable than I hoped for!
Living in a northern mountain climate our floors get a little cold in the winter months. I keep these socks on in the house during the day and my feet stay toasty! The quality of these socks are higher than any I have found before.

Fred (Ashland, US)
sleep socks

Warm and feel wonderfully silky.

C. G. (Carlsbad, US)

They are nice & warm to wear and they don't mess up the bed with fuzz.

Jolene S. (Cherry Hill, US)
Love my Sleep Socks

I was pleasantly surprised on the comfort and warmth of my sleep socks. Regular socks make my feet sweat but not my buffalo socks. I highly recommend them for your cold feet. PS- I bought them for a gift also and the recipient loves them too.

Kendra M. (Wasilla, US)

I live in Alaska and had the lifetime of an opportunity when I met Ron and T at the Alaska State fair in Palmer. They are such loving and caring people, not only towards the products that they make, but the relationships that they form. I have gotten several types of socks from them and absolutely love the products 100%. My whole family now has the blessing of wearing these amazing socks, year-round! Not only are they warm enough to wear in the -20° winter we are currently experiencing, they are durable to wear during the summer concrete seasons also!
Thank you Ron & T

Tess D. (Andover, US)
Where have these been all my life? MN native in love :)

I purchased these sleep socks for myself and LOVE them because they keep my feet warm without cutting off my circulation. I love them so much, I just ordered a pair for my mom who just moved back to Minnesota. Seriously worth it!

Shirley A.D. (Vacaville, US)
LOVE them!!!!

I need to get another pair (at least 1 more!) I have worn these every night since I got them! I would call them Goldilocks! Not too warm, not too cool...Just right! I am more than 100% satisfied!

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