American Field Bison Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
American Field Bison Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
American Field Bison Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
American Field Bison Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
American Field Bison Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
American Field Bison Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
American Field Bison Boot Socks Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.

American Field Bison Boot Socks

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SOLD OUT, looks like due to production delays this won't be ready until after the first of the year 2021,  I do apologize, we expected this batch to last until we could get more yarn made, and more socks. We will be making more, but I really don't believe they will happen until January next year.  Might I recommend trying our Pro-Gear Boot socks if you need something light, warm and high-performance. 


This has been almost a year in development, and we are extremely excited and proud of the work that has gone into it.  All American made, and with all American components. 

I am not going to be modest, we have made a few pretty impressive socks... from our extra heavyweight Trekker bison/merino crew and boot, our ultra-light warm and wicking Pro-gear bison/silk socks, our All-Weather all-around best short sock, The B.O.S.S. The stories and reviews you all have shared about these seem to support me.  I will confidently put any one of our collection up against any sock made for warmth, wicking, durability, flexibility, and sheer overall comfort. 

Seriously warm-Surprisingly soft, Ultralight & "Almost Bulletproof****", this is our premier bison down sock. a calf high sock, great for almost any footwear from tennis and hiking chukka's and taller boots, thick, soft, and well built. Will keep your feet warm and dry all year long.   Ultra-soft bison fiber that has been properly processed, no prickly itch from these socks.   Thicker and more cushioning than our Pro-gear socks, warmer and lighter than our Advantage Trekker Socks.  We wanted to make a sock that was even more amazing at regulating temperature, wicking moisture, providing support, even lighter, and just as tough.  Working with the fiber from the beginning and maintaining control over all the processing steps along the way, from the scouring and dehairing the fiber, working directly with the spinning mill to determine the perfect amount of twist and loft in the yarn, to collaborating and drawing on the experience of the sock engineers at Wigwam who ended up knitting these for us. 

This sock has a terry loop padded footbed, and terry loop gentle ribbed construction all the way up the calf, with a pure bison yarn for the interior, and everywhere it touches your skin, for unmatched warmth and wicking, the outer layer of the sock has a heavy nylon thread held with the bison yarn to give it superior durability, with just enough spandex to hold it above your 12" boot top...but not enough to cut down circulation,  Nylon over-plaited through the entire sock, with a triple layer in the toe and way up past the heel for long smooth wear, we realize these are probably the most expensive socks you will ever see, so we built them to last, I know if I paid $54 for a pair of socks, I would expect them to not only perform like professional quality gear, it should last like good gear. 



  • Terry loop with extra padding in the footbed
  • Nylon Over-plaited through the entire sock
  • Triple-Reinforced toe & heel
  • Flat seam toe 
  • Boot sock, 12 inches from heel
  • Bison logo on the toe
  • Machine wash warm. Then tumble dry. No need to bleach, iron or dry clean.
  • Made in the USA 
  • 77% American bison down,  21%  Polyamide nylon & 2% spandex
  • *****PLEASE NOTE- THESE ARE NOT ACTUALLY BULLETPROOF, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TEST THAT AT HOME, they will, however, provide adequate protection against Legos and chilly tile floors. 

 Shoe Size    US Men      US Women   

Medium        7-9             7-10.5

Large            9.5-11.5    10-12.5

XLarge         12-14  

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Happy Feet

The old saw, "If your ______ aren't happy". Fell free to insert (Wife, product etc.) whatever floats your boat. But my happy place includes these buffaloiest, my word not theirs, socks. I have my first pair, and have been gifted another pair with less bison wool in its construction. These suckers wear like iron. I will probably bequeath them in my final will. If you find a product that is genuinely worth the cost, than give it props. I've had this thick pair for more than 2 years of hard winter wear and honestly they show signs of little wear.
I am ordering a pair of Bison/silk progear socks today. Whether it's in a deer stand, shoveling snow or just being outside these socks from this company rock.....

Like walking on clouds

First off don’t get sticker shock. If you found this page and these socks then you’re not looking for an average sock. I’ve learned (with some exceptions) you get what you pay for. With these socks yes they are pricey but your feet will thank you. And again if you found this page obviously you’re looking for the best socks out there! N I’ve tried a lot of those socks but these socks hands down are amazing and pretty much the best you’re gonna find. My feet have never been cold also they don’t itch plus you can wash and dry them and they don’t fall apart! The fit is amazing I wear a size 13/14 depending on the boot/shoe. They also fit in your boots and shoes! Bottom line you have to pay for quality and these are socks that when you put them on for the first time and every time you feel the difference and it feels like your feet are getting hugged by a teddy bear! So to get that feeling, never have cold feet or itch and be able to wash n dry them (not hand wash n wait a day or 2) that’s more than worth the price! If you want quality you have to pay and these people who made this sock deserve every penny and more for their product cause you can tell they put love into every sock they make! I bought these socks I think 6-8 months ago and really wish I could’ve given my review (which I hate doing btw) sooner. When ur making socks like this you deserve great reviews! Keep up the great work!!!

5 Star tough, warm, and they LAST!

I've always tried to purchase the best in upland gear and have for years yearned for the perfect upland cold weather sock. You have them right here! Buy and know these are tough as nails, long lasting and wash out like a dream!


Excellent quality Buffalo wool company socks. Everything from the warmth they provide, the quality of material used, and the fit. these are quality socks. I have been purchasing cheap socks all my life thinking there wasn't any substantial difference as long as they looked the part. the higher the wool % the better the sock. my feet would feel clammy in the other lesser socks. feet stay dry in these. very happy, out of all of the different wool socks these are the best I've ever had definitely worth the money if you want something nice pay for it

Naturally toasty

I am outside with horses and these socks finally keep my feet warm. Frozen winter ground & snow suck the heat through any boot, and the combination of high bison content socks and buffalo wool insoles let me keep working safely.
Excellent socks, well made, and as warm as advertised.

1st Timer

First time buying and using the Bison Boot socks and absolutely love them.
By far the warmest socks I own. I will be buying more.
Thank you for a great product and service.

Warm but not scratchy!

I am allergic to wool, it always makes me itch. In cold weather I’ve worn wool socks with liners but they can get wet with sweat. So I tried the Bison Boot Socks and they are great! Thick, warm, and not itchy! I will buy more!

Great socks!!

Super comfortable and warm, fit nicely in my bean boots