Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Medium One Pair
Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.
Casual Crew 2.0 Bison/Bamboo/Merino Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co.

Casual Crew 2.0 Bison Fiber Socks

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Sometimes a product idea just completely makes sense. We spent a lot of time experimenting and futzing with the base yarn for our B.O.S.S. Socks, trying to get something extremely lightweight, breathable, wicking, cushioning and durable. Getting the proper ratios of bison, wool, bamboo, to insulate, breathe and wick.. and the right amount of twist, not so tight it doesn't have "spring" not so lofty it doesn't wear properly. It took us more than a few attempts, and we missed the summer selling season last year, but our all-weather B.O.S.S. socks have been nothing short of a stellar smash. SO, we thought we would do the next logical thing and make a crew height version of this sock. (Mostly because short socks look kinda silly in dress loafers) 

It is really the exact same ultra-tough design as our Casual Crew sock, just with a lighter, more breathable, softer fiber blend, they are extremely long-wearing and supportive but not restrictive. 

A "true rib" jersey knit crew sock of the old-school variety, this sock has the great foot fit and stay of our technical socks. It is insulating, soft and durable,  and wicks moisture away like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Our newest lightweight sock, but designed for dry cool comfort in hot environments, with superior moisture regain properties, almost double the wicking of fine wool and bamboo is a naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant fiber (keeps your feet dry and sweat-free) 

Exceptionally durable for outdoor activities or in your loafers on the way to work. Machine washable.  28% Bison/28% Bamboo fiber/28% Preshrunk Merino Wool /13% nylon 3% Lycra spandex. 

These socks are incredibly easy to care for and due to their antimicrobial properties, feel free to wear them a few times before washing. But when they do need to be cleaned, simply machine wash warm, then toss them in the dryer. 

Sock Sizing

Socks should fit as well as any of your other garments. The heel should sit on your heel and not under it as in a sock too small, nor half way up your Achilles as in a sock that’s too large. Socks should be flush against your foot with no extra material sagging. The toe seam should lay flat across the top of the toes.

Sock Heel at Your Heel
The sock heel should sit on your heel, not under it or above it.

Flat Toe Seam
The toe seam should lie flat along the top of your toes, not above or below.

Taut Across the Foot
Socks should be taut across your foot with no sagging material.

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9.5 – 11.5

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Customer Reviews

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Lori (Carthage, US)
BEST socks

I am a chronic cold-footed girl, no matter what I wear, and have been partial to hand-knit wool socks for a long time UNTIL these. Angels sang, I tell you. My cold feet and beleaguered husband thank you!

Happy F. (East Hampton, US)

I got my husband a pair of these socks for Christmas. He is over the moon with them! Wore them for a week before they had any smell, and even then, he didn't want to take them off. He loves the springiness and the warmth. Has worn them with sneakers in 20F and was a happy camper. We are going to order more pairs for him, and for his thoughtful wife, too. Keep up the great work!

Ken M. (Beverly, US)

Loved your boot socks so ordered a pair of these crews. Can't rate durability yet but as to comfort and warmth they are exceptional. Need to make them available in additional colors

Bobbie (Colorado Springs, US)
LOVE these Socks

Thanks to my husband’s recommendation I tried these socks. I have cold feet and these are the answer. They are cushioning and warm as well as being very kind to my toes. I now have 6 pairs and moved all my other socks to the back of the sock drawer. You don’t know what you have missed until you try them.
These take no special care - just throw them in the washer and then into the dryer - they fluff up and look like they had never been warm.

Ron (Cedar City, US)
Who Knew?

Sox are sox - right? Been wearing white cotton crew sox for many years. I can buy a couple dozen of them for the price of one pair of these buffalo crew sox. I love buffalo, slept between two buffalo robes for years...know how warm they can be. Winter is coming. So ordered a pair just to check them out. After they arrived just tossed them in the sock drawer for a couple weeks. Finally dug them out yesterday to wear on a long walk on a chilly day and was amazed. Label says they're 30% silk. I sure can feel it when I put them on - and while I'm walking. Much warmer than cotton crew sox. Was so enamored with the feeling I slept with them on last night. Got up this morning and ordered four more pair. Workmanship and quality is top notch. Fair price for top quality is value. I'm 76 years old and have learned to appreciate quality goods. These buffalo crew sox be quality goods. Much appreciation for these nice folks that have them made up.

Herb G. (Albuquerque, US)
Best everyday socks ever

Great weight and thickness for a good all round socks. The wool bamboo mix makes a sock that draws out moisture and keeps your feet comfortable.

Doug S. (Chicago, US)
Amazing socks, I love them!

These socks are amazing! My wife and I both take turns wearing them in our daily activities, (hiking, running, work), and they have been one of the most comfortable socks that we have! They not only keep our feet warm, but they also keep them dry in the winter months! I love these socks and I would highly recommend them!

Curtis S. (Seattle, US)
Amazing socks

These socks have a great fit, are comfortable, wear well, but most amazing of all, they are oder free! No joke, I have worn these socks regularly for 3 days at a time and up to 5 days with no smell. They are truly amazing socks you won't be disappointed