Which American bison sock is best for you?

What would work best for you? Tall socks, short socks, thick and heavy boot socks to wear in your muck boots or waders, running socks, lightweight wicking socks for your ski boots? I think we have you covered. 

We have tried to simplify the information on our 6 sock styles a bit.  I hope this will give you a good start in evaluating our products, and maybe simplify the decision making process.

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For more information on a particular sock, just click the sock image. 

BWC Sock Type 

Base Yarn Blend & Design features

(additional Nylon, Spandex, PolyAmide fibers are used in final construction)

Very Simplified Description

Recommended Footwear Types

The B.O.S.S

Colors Natural/Black/Navy


SM     Med

Lg    XL

33% Bison Down

33% Merino Wool

33% Charcoal infused bamboo fiber


Smooth flat toe seam

Integrated Arch Support

Padded foot bed

ultra-reinforced heel-toe

Obviously, this is a short sock, wicks moisture like crazy, padded and cushioning with great support and non-slip fit.

Running & Tennis Shoes

Casual loafers & boat shoes

Short hikers

Speed Skates


"I love the new short socks! They’re the right height to wear with hiking sneakers, and the thickness is perfect. Love how they keep my feet feeling dry, which is impressive in this Texas heat!"

Cookie M

Wear them often. Am really surprised that my feet don't sweat in them. It's a miracle." 
Nan M.
5 stars 

Casual Crew


  Med    Lg    XL

50% Bison Down 

50% Preshrunk Merino Wool


Therapeutic Ribbing

"All Day Stay"

Smooth flat toe seam 

ultra-reinforced heel-toe

This is a pretty amazing everyday sock.  Fairly lightweight, with a slim shaped fit.  Warm enough for a winter walk to work, but wicking and breathing enough to wear here in TX at 100F.  Great for pretty much all types of footwear, from your dress shoes, loafers, to light hikers, Ice skates, cross country skiing boots $28
"Amazing socks.
The Bison socks are the best. I purchased the lighter weight crew socks and am highly impressed with them. Your feet stay warm but in warmer weather are very comfortable and dont get clammy. I highly recommend Bison Socks." Gerald F

Pro-Gear Crew


SM     Med

Lg    XL

50% Bison Down     50% Silk


Reinforced whole toe
Extended padded and reinforced heel zone
Smooth flat toe seam
Vented side panel
Padded on the bottom of the foot
Contoured rib top 

A step above our Casual Crew, thin and light, with a padded foot bed, integrated arch support, and breathing toe box.  

Casual Shoes

Tennis/Running Shoes


More Reviews about The BWC and our products here

"Pro Gear Crew Bison/Silk Socks - WOW!!
My son gave me two pairs for Christmas. I had no idea a sock could feel sooooo good. Guess what will always be on my Christmas list from now on"  Bob S.
5 stars

Pro-Gear Boot



SM     Med

Lg    XL

50% Bison Down 
50% Silk


Mid-calf boot style
Shin pad on the front of the leg for lace-up boots or ski boots 
Reinforced whole toe
Extended padded and reinforced heel zone
Smooth flat toe seam
Vented side panel
Padded on the bottom of the foot
Contoured rib top & stretched ribbing

If you are into outdoor activities, from hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, Ice skating, dog-walking, or just want to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable, this fairly thin and light sock will do the trick.

Engineered to fit your foot and stay in place, this is our "go-to" sock for winter sports and rec. 

Ski Boots

Tall Hikers

Western Boots

Riding boots


Muck Boots


"Iditarod Proven" musher bag
"Great Product!
Iditarod proven socks! Kept me warm the entire time that I was outside during the race. Will ALWAYS have them in my luggage when I do the Last Great Race!"  Michael M.

Trekker Crew


SM     Med

Lg    XL

50% Bison Down 
50% Preshrunk Merino wool


 Tall crew style
 More-Pull Theraputic top (non-constrictive)
Reinforced toe box
Extended padded and reinforced heel zone
Smooth flat toe seam
Full Terry-loop construction throughout the entire sock

This thing is a serious sock. 

Thick and Cushy, extremely warm and insulating, wicks moisture like crazy. 

It is probably more sock than most people need, but if you do stand all day in cold rivers, ice climb, or have dogs pull you around a glacier, this might be the sock for you. 

Heavy Hikers

Steel Toed Work Boots

Carbon Fiber Boots

Hunting Boots

Fishing Waders

Muck Boots


bison in snow
"Best Socks!
best socks ever. makes icebreaker and smartwool seem like bargain basement goods"   Chris S.


 American Field Sock

Americvan Field


Med     Lg    XL

90% Bison Down

10% Nylon


Ballistic nylon wrapped toe and heel, nothing but bison down touches your skin though. 

Integrated arch support

Therapeutic Non-constrictive top

Extended padded and reinforced heel zone
Smooth flat toe seam

 It doesn't get any better than this, if you need a very serious sock, the American Field will not disappoint you.  This thing will knock your... (well, you know the saying) 

This is our premier bison down sock, a calf-high blanket of cozy for your feet. Great for almost any footwear from tennis and hiking chukka's and taller boots, thick, soft, and well built. Will keep your feet warm and dry all year long. 

Whatever the heck you got... these things are light, medium thick, crazy warm, and very comfortable.  I can't imagine a  cold weather situation where this sock wouldn't be appropriate... 



There are other bison socks on the market, but we are the only ones who start from the beginning, from raising the bison, harvesting the fiber, scour and process the down, we source our own fiber for blending, design the yarns, and work with textile technologists and sock experts to make the best quality and most effective socks possible.  We do this entirely in the U.S. and stand behind every product we make 100%.  We will ensure you are comfortable, happy and hope that you will help spread the word about us.