Bison/Wool Insoles Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. Mens Large
Bison/Wool Insoles Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. 2 prs / Mens Large
Bison/Wool Insoles Bison Footwear The Buffalo Wool Co. 12x16" sheet - create your own custom size

Bison/Wool Insoles

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"Don't underestimate the value of a good quality natural fiber insole, hey can add another ten degrees of comfort to your boots, and quality insoles may allow you to wear a lighter boot in colder weather. This is particularly nice for hunters, who may start the day sitting on a stand, and then end up doing a lot of walking. Or if you work on cold concrete all day, you may be able to wear those comfortable work boots year round." 

Survival Expert, Leon Pantenburg "Survival Common Sense


We listened to your feedback, and have improved what was already a truly amazing insole. The new ones are a slightly thinner version 4 mm, with a denser felt, made with a finer virgin American merino wool.  These insoles are particularly nice for putting a warm insulation barrier between your feet and the frozen ground. Wicks moisture like only bison fiber can, and stays springy and resilient much longer than any poly-based foam.  Keeps you comfortable and your feet dry all year long. 

Natural fibers wick away moisture, absorb foot odor and keep your feet dry while adding additional comfort to your step. You can hand wash them in warm water with a wool-friendly soap and air dry to keep them clean and odorless.

  • Ladies up to a 8.5 - 10.5 (11" long) - 4 mm  thick
  • Men's Large up to size 9.5 to 11.5 (12" long) -4 mm thick
  • Men's XL up to a size 12-14 (13' long) -4 mm thick
  • Felt sheet 12" wide x 16" long - 4 mm thick

Trim them down to size. Have larger than a 13?   We have a sheet of felt that measures 12" wide x 16" long to custom fit your insoles to fit your boot style.

Product review here is just one of the rave reviews from a happy happy guy:

This was my second year using The Buffalo Wool Co. silk-blend socks for a 2 week long moose hunting trip in Western Alaska. This year I also added the American Bison Insoles in my Muck boots. The use of the insoles with the socks was incredible. Morning temperatures were in the teens and warming up to the upper forties during the day and then dropping quickly as the sun went down. My feet stayed warm and dry even when the day warmed up and your feet sweat in non-breathing hunting boots. Other hunters in my group had footwear issues with wet feet that were always cold in the evening. I believe in your products above others in the harsh Alaskan environment. We ended our hunt with 6 nice moose and very happy feet. Hope to see you again at our State Fair, a very satisfied ALASKAN hunter.

Customer Reviews

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Keep my feet and toes warm

I received the insoles from my daughter for Christmas because she knows I always have cold feet. They are wonderful, for the first time I have warm feet in the winter. Thank you Buffalo Wool Co.

Soft, Warm & Dry Insoles

2-pack of Bison/Wool Insoles in Large. Easy cut-to-fit over full arched synthetic insole of leather 'commuter' boots created dryness and much needed toe warmth. 2nd set was intended for my indoor 'house' shoes since insoles are silky smooth on bare feet plus lend a bit of cushioning. When spouse saw the insoles, he wanted them for his wet weather oxfords; so I'll be ordering another set. Too new and soon to know about durability, hence 4 stars.

Insoles help keep toes warm

Got the square and cut out my own for my Frank's boots has helped to keep my toes warmer at work

Just right

I’ve got a couple pairs of boots that I bought a half size larger to accommodate thicker wool socks, I recently added these Bison Wool inserts and cannot be happier. They absorb sweat and keep my feet dry and warm. I look forward to trying their socks

Got what I was looking for

The insoles made a huge difference for the good. Thanks

Comfortable insoles

The buffalo wool insoles are warm, but not too hot, and provide excellent cushioning without too much bulk. I put them into my Red Wing Blacksmith boots and they are an excellent addition to them.


bison/wool insoles

Definitely takes a bite out of winter

I work outside and on cold concrete for much of the winter. Compared to my normal insoles and regular socks these definitely make a big difference in keeping my feet drier and ultimately warmer! Seems like + 15-20 degree difference!