Bison Fiber Socks


American buffalo (or bison) live in harsh climates. The same fiber that keeps them comfortable in subzero temperatures produces bison wool socks that will do the same for you. They’re great for hiking, fishing, and just being outdoors. Bison wool socks provide the same warmth and comfort that bison have enjoyed for years, and our modern techniques have only improved upon the time-tested formula.

Most types of materials used for socks will feel wet after getting even slightly damp. Bison wool feels dry long past that. You can wear them knowing that your feet won’t feel wet for ages after being outside in the rain for only a minute.

Our socks are also more comfortable than competitive materials. The softness is comparable to a good cashmere, and won’t scratch or itch. And their durability ensures they’ll continue to be soft after high wear and tear.

Despite their greater quality, you don’t need to do anything special to take care of these socks. Just throw them in the washing machine, and then right into the dryer. They won’t shrink, and they’ll feel as tough and comfortable as the day you brought them home.

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