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"Be Mine" Limited edition colorway

Who is your Valentine?    Installment #2   To be delivered by Feb 14th  (Retail value $54)     "I Heart You" -  400 yards of "Sexy" bison/silk in "Heart You" Red  Enough to knit any of our three favorite 1 skein "Sexy" patterns   Violeta Cowl By Judy Elllis -, Ethereal Fichu- By Jackie E.S. and Prairie Shawl by Cotton and Clouds.   (we will send you all three patterns)

A nice warm rosy red, exclusively for this club, the luxury that is our "Sexy" bison/silk yarn, knits up like a dream, and is really soft and... well, yes, it is pretty sexy. 

Sleek, shiny, soft, and yes, very very Sexy, this blend of 50% bison down and 50% mulberry silk, is 400+ yards of lace weight goodness.   Multi tonal solid warm spring red that knits up with just a touch of texture and shading.   Includes your choice of 3 Patterns!   Ethereal Fichu, Violeta Cowl, or Prairie Shawl.   One cake is enough for any of these three designs!


  • 50% Bison down 50% Mulberry Silk
  • 400 yds
  • lacewight / 2 ply
  • Translucent semi solid hand dyed
  • American made yarn


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