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As one of the most popular names in the bison industry, Rod Sather, Owner Mosquito Park Buffalo, has become known as the International Social Director. He holds lifetime memberships in the National Bison Association, National Buffalo Museum, National Buffalo Foundation as well as memberships in the regional associations such as Dakota Territory Buffalo, Minnesota Buffalo, Western Bison, Rocky Mountain Buffalo and even the Canadian Bison Associations.

With over 45 years in the business, he attended his first National Bison Association conference in Pierre SD in 1972. He also purchased his first calves that fall from Custer State Park auction where they were raised in southwest Minnesota.

In 1993, Rod made the decision to venture out of Minnesota and found himself in Lyman County South Dakota where he ended up calling the Muddy Boot home. Rod raised bison just north of Vivian in the Ft Pierre National Grasslands where he expanded his herd on pasture as well as a finishing operations. In 2010, he made the tough decision to sell off the ranches and the animals but couldn’t stay away from the bison community. He continued to stay active in the national and regional associations and shortly after selling, he decided he needed some more animals. Since then he has been steadily growing the herds after purchasing some Young Guns and Girls Gone Wild from the DTBA.

In 2017, the DTBA awarded Rod with the Pioneer Award for his contributions to the bison community. Rods other passions include wildlife habitat preservation and conservation where he continuously strives to better the land and natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

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Product/Service Overview

At Mosquito Park Enterprises, our team has created a high-quality, low-stress environment in which to raise healthy animals. Our bison are provided clean water and quality grass year around. A quality herd health program is followed with the assistance of trained professionals. Our grazing plan is designed to manage forage and improve the land. The benefits of these efforts increase our Bison's health, increase forage production and increase plant and wildlife diversity on our ranch.

Our genetics consists of Plains Bison primarily from the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska with many purchased through the Dakota Territory Buffalo Association Girls Gone Wild and Young Guns show and sale. They have since provided outstanding ranch raised calves.

DNA from the majority of these animals are found to be from the Fort Niobrara Nebraska, National Bison Range Montana, Wind Cave National Park South Dakota, with the recent addition of bulls with Yellowstone genetics.

Find our products online at You can also contact us directly via email at for live animal purchases if available.

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