Calling all Bison Producers, We want to promote your ranch!

TL:DR web page for bison ranchers on The Buffalo Wool Co. website. We are not trying to sell you anything.. we are just looking for website content.

Have we got a deal for you! The Buffalo Wool Co. wants to promote
you, your ranch, and your products, whatever you have to share with the public. We couldn't do what we do without ya'll.  Let's all educate consumers together. 
What’s The Deal?
We would like to give you a page on our site. No cost, no commission, No B.S.
and no commitment. It’s just some free web space and some
high-quality backlinks to your website.
Who Are We?
We are the Miskin family - Cecil, Ron & Theresa (we just call her T). We are The Buffalo Wool Co., and the Herdwear Store. We have been raising bison ourselves for about 35 years.
What Do We Do?
We make things from the leftover bits of bison that don't end up on the grill. We have been
NBA/TBA/NBF members for quite a while. There is a good chance we might
have run into you at some point, or maybe we buy your hides via one of
the packing houses. If we haven't met yet, let's try and fix that.
What Do You Get?
We get quite a bit of traffic - last year over 300k people visited our
website. All those visitors have one thing in common. They live in the
US and are interested in bison. You can use this space to tell your
story, promote your products, and share links to your websites and
your social channels.
What About Us?
In turn, we get to share some authentic, high-quality bison content. This will give people something more to read and we get to help educate consumers about the people in this country are
who are raising bison. We love sharing pics of bison, and
people love seeing them.
The plan is to have a map listing all the ranches by location, and a
weekly featured story in our newsletter and on our social channels
(around 150k followers across all platforms). There is a good chance
some of our followers are in your area. Let's drive these folks to
All we need is your story and some pictures. We can even slurp them
from your site if that helps!
If you are interested, please send me a note to , and we can get rolling.


  • Don

    Great idea, we appreciate it.

  • Beverly Brown

    GREAT IDEA… Have been your biggest and loudest fan for many years! Our website is now www.lucky!

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