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Bison Socks will be my ‘Go To’ socks 👍🏻 No More Buying from Stores

I still have my socks on as the weather changed from being really warm to a very brisk ‘cold’. The Sun is out, but the weather is a brisk cold today... I’ve come to the recognition that my Bison Wool socks to be an equivalent to a good pair of hiking boots... 😃

Colder weather

Socks are great at transitioning from indoors to the cold weather outside; still comfy 👍🏻🙂

Best Hat Ever!

The Palo Duro Cowboy Hat is, in short, amazing. It’s soft, warm, fits great, protects against the sun, and keeps my hair out of my face. I wear it on my daily hikes here at 8,000 feet west of Boulder. My previous favorite hat, a bucket hat from the Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival, has lasted about 20 years and is certainly showing its age. I am confident that my Palo Duro Cowboy Hat will be a more than adequate replacement, and I hope it lasts me as many years! Thanks to the generous bison for donating their wool!

Bison Beauties

Great socks. Super warm!

Faux Fox or real?

I respect your products and feel like you are doing the right thing as to procuring fiber from bison. When you begin using fox it
is important to me that any fiber be faux and that applies to rabbit et. al. These are beautiful products. Thank you and
Sincerely I remain,
Capt. David Smith

Boot sock

Best wool socks ever!

Winter fishing...

These gloves keep my hands warm enough to keep fishing......BOOM !!!

Amazing socks for any outdoor activities!

These socks are just awesome! I live in Michigan which is known for being cold and during winter I am always looking for a great sock to keep my feet warm. These socks not only keep your feet warm, but they keep them dry and they are super comfortable! I have worn them in single digit temperatures while hiking or being outdoors and my feet were actually sweating by the end of my trip. I would definitely recommend these socks especially for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold or for just a comfy pair of socks to wear at home. They are awesome and I would highly recommend them!

Amazing socks, I love them!

These socks are amazing! My wife and I both take turns wearing them in our daily activities, (hiking, running, work), and they have been one of the most comfortable socks that we have! They not only keep our feet warm, but they also keep them dry in the winter months! I love these socks and I would highly recommend them!

Great Socks

Definitely will be purchasing more socks from here Love them! Great quality.

The rating should be expanded so I can give it 10 stars.

I use them,,, beat the begeebers out of them. I spent a month and half outdoors, end of March to mid May,, on a river, in a canoe, wet feet every day and all day. And just 3 pair with me, the pair on my feet and the pair drying or in the pack. The rinse, before hanging at the end of the day,, was usually accomplished on my feet or dunked in the river. The dry socks were put on before crawling into the tent and sleeping bag, the wet pair hung up to dry. For seven weeks. My feet were wet or dry,, but they were never hot or cold. There are zero socks that could have served half as well. They have no equal in the Arizona desert, on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland in September and October, or Wyoming on the Green river in April. I am wearing a pair right now sitting at the computer. The price is nothing, as compared to the value.

My wife is in love with this !!!

Beautiful quality Fist class design and construction !!

Buffalo Crew Socks

The Buffalo fur crew socks have been keeping my Son’s feet warm & dry while he navigates the cold wet urban streets.

Buffalo Robe

The quality of my new buffalo robe is off the charts. Can’t wait to see it on the floor of our new ranch house.....thanks Cecil!

The only socks for me!

Being diabetic- I have to be super careful with my feet. A now ‘reformed’ barefoot for lifer, I don’t know what I’d do without my BWC socks. I do the casual crew for the winters in Chicago, and the shorty for the summer. My feet never complain, unless all the ‘good’ socks are in the wash. They keep you dry, and comfortable- even in the 100* summers.
You won’t regret the investment in happy feet!

Great socks! My husband loves them.

Keep my feet and toes warm

I received the insoles from my daughter for Christmas because she knows I always have cold feet. They are wonderful, for the first time I have warm feet in the winter. Thank you Buffalo Wool Co.

Hubby's favourite

I got these for my husband for Christmas. He had one foot amputated at the heel in childhood accident. Anyway he needs to wear thick socks. The regular wool ones made his feet unbearably hot & sweaty, and these buffalo socks are the best! Thank you so much for a great product

Exactly what I wanted in a beanie!

I recently ordered a Buffalo Down Beanie because I had to cut my hair very short due to chemo treatments. I have been wanting one of these beanies for several years but now felt that I had the justification to order one. It came within a few days of ordering it, and when I put it on, I knew I had made a good decision. It is exactly what I had hoped for. It is soft, not scratchy, and very warm. It certainly meets all my needs and it is a quality made garment. I love the look and even smell of it... The weave is tight, the length is abundant, and I can't think of anything I could recommend to make it abetter product than it already is. I fully recommend this beanie to anyone wanting to get the best they can get. Thank your BuffaloWool Company for such a great product. Now, I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a pair of the Buffalo wool gloves.

Great socks

We gave them as gifts for Christmas to my brothers, they love them.

Soft, Warm & Dry Insoles

2-pack of Bison/Wool Insoles in Large. Easy cut-to-fit over full arched synthetic insole of leather 'commuter' boots created dryness and much needed toe warmth. 2nd set was intended for my indoor 'house' shoes since insoles are silky smooth on bare feet plus lend a bit of cushioning. When spouse saw the insoles, he wanted them for his wet weather oxfords; so I'll be ordering another set. Too new and soon to know about durability, hence 4 stars.

buffalo socks

my yellowstone socks are so comfortable and keep my feet from being cold.

Spouse likes them

Too early to know how they will hold up over time, but boot socks soft and look nice. Given to spouse as Christmas gift and she likes them but has not worn them yet. (Company asked for review now; will post another review in a few months.)
Deducted one star due to price; hoping in future review I will be able to add that star back and I will if they prove to be durable over time.

Just what I was looking for

These gloves worked perfectly this past weekend on a late season South Dakota pheasant hunt. They are very warm and comfortable, and appear to be durable as well. Having my fingers exposed is a necessity for me, and other gloves don't have the warmth that this pair does.