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Bison Socks will be my ‘Go To’ socks 👍🏻 No More Buying from Stores

I still have my socks on as the weather changed from being really warm to a very brisk ‘cold’. The Sun is out, but the weather is a brisk cold today... I’ve come to the recognition that my Bison Wool socks to be an equivalent to a good pair of hiking boots... 😃

Colder weather

Socks are great at transitioning from indoors to the cold weather outside; still comfy 👍🏻🙂

Great Socks for a man to love.

He loves the feel of these socks and the warmth they provide. Just a note; I do not put these in the dryer, I hang them up to dry. It takes only a day or so and then there is no chance of shrinkage.

yelloestone socks

I have found these to be the go-to weight of sock that really works for me. Plenty thick, lots of cushion, super soft. Wearing them, my feet don't get tired or achy. I attribute this to the full thick cushion all along the foot bottom.
I will be buying more of them.

Hubby approves!

My husband loves wool socks. But I noticed all of his socks are calf length when he used to wear ankle socks. BOSS fixed that. He was impressed and gave them a good run down! He’s now asking for more. Thank you!!

Holy Grail for Perpetual Cold Feet

+Pretty the best for warmth. I have cold feet despite living in the tropics, so these socks are great no matter what environment.
+Better than merino and any other synthetics for the same weight and thickness
+Robust quality since they're made by renowned sock mills
+Varied thickness in the lineup to fit various shoe width and sizes

-Expensive. To be expected since bison is hard to come by? And low production quantity
-Few colors available
-Might be too warm for people with warm feet and they might only wear them during the cold months
-"Not itchy at all" is a myth. All wool itches to a degree. I have sensitive skin, so yeah. I just have to wear liners underneath and the problem is solved! This also adds another layer of warmth (profit!).

Best Coasters Ever!

I bought these coasters last year to give as Christmas presents, and my hubby loved them so much we ordered more and threw away all other coasters. Soft - won’t scratch the furniture. Absorbent and doesn’t leak through. Lightweight and classy. So glad to have them in my home.

My family loves them.

Warm. Soft - all the right notes.

Worth Every Penny!

I purchased a 3 pack of these after talking with Ron to confirm they'd fit (size 14 foot). They're super comfortable and do an incredible job of keeping my feet dry. Highly recommended!

Fingerless Gloves.

Great gloves! I’m a bike messenger so I’m out in all weather. These gloves have kept my hands comfortable in cold rain and heavy wet snow. I usually wear a size large glove, but with these I got a medium. They fit great.

Awesome bison/silk crew socks!

Wore these socks to a January NFL playoff game at the frozen tundra of LAMBEAU FIELD. Even though I only wore leather Mocs, the socks kept my feet warm through an entire half! Awesome and comfortable with the silk blend.

Great neck wrapper

It’s soft, light and warm. I just got through a Maine winter and I’m glad I got this. It will even cover my ears if I need it too.

BWC was the answer

Even though we live in Georgia, after my wife's cancer surgery, (Great success praise God.) she was unable to keep her feet warm. I bought a couple pairs of BWC socks for her and she loved them. Her feet stayed warm and comfortable.

Buffalo socks in Lapland

I used the socks on a 4 day aurora tour at Abisco Park in northern Sweden. The last night the temp. went down to -17 F. My feet were comfortable during our 4 hr. nightly observing sessions.

Warm toes at last

I sent these socks to my Grandson near Buffalo, NY. He is an electrician and has work outside a lot through the winter. He says these are the warmest boot socks he has had, and he really likes them.

Simple pleasure, luxury, or medical device?

After repeated bouts with tendinitis in my heals, an acupuncturist told me to always keep my heels warm. So, I started trying wool and other warm socks and have found that the heavy buffalo wool socks are the best. At first, my wife got me a couple of pairs as a gift, I would never have spent that much money on socks. But I have found that they are warm and wear much better than other "warm" socks, I need a wool content of 18-20% or higher to get the warmth I need, although lower content is better than nothing. I have tried heavy wool boot socks from Carhardt and others but they don't last like the buffalo wool. I even recently tried the wool ankle socks and love them, they will be my go-to summer socks. In a moment of decadence, I even tried a pair of the silk blend buffalo socks, for a few extra dollars they are the most luxurious socks I have ever worn, they are now at the top of my wish list for gift occasions. I have no logical explanation for spending $45 on a tie but not on a pair of luxurious socks. And, I can get 2 pairs for the cost of a trip to the acupuncturist/MD and I can skip all the pain and hobbling around leading up to those medical visits.

Great gloves

During the fall and winter I wear fingerless gloves mostly and these bison down gloves are the bomb. The nubbies are a bonus. Toasty hands all the way. Thanks.

Buffalo Wool Stockings

I love the way these socks move the sweat from feet.

Really good insoles

I had a pair of LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoes that were a little cold on the bottom and just a little too loose. Started looking for wool insoles to solve the problem when I came upon The Buffalo Wool Co. and decided to give them a try.
Super glad I tried them! They solved the two problems completely and that encouraged me to try a couple pair of their socks also, with the same great results. They make great products for this Arkansas rancher.

Bison Beanie

Awesome piece, love the fiber and the insulating capability. I will be getting more items in the future. Thumbs up!

Great best socks ever worn

Great, thanks don gardner

She loves them

I bought them just in time for her to use during the last few cold snaps of winter. She loves them. These purchases are the first buffalo wool products we have ever bought, and it’s true: lighter, softer and warmer. Impressive!

Great looking hat.

After seeing this hat at the NWTF convention in Nashville, TN, I had to have one. They didn’t have my size there at the show so I ordered it on line. The next week I had it delivered and was very happy with it. This is a great looking hat. I misjudged the size a little so I sent Ron an e-mail. He gave me some tips on how to open it up a little or I could send it back to him. I followed his advise on resizing it and it fits great now without having to send it back.

Rock these socks rock!

I have been on a quest for socks ever since I broke my ankle in 2005… on a whim I tried these- I love them. I wear them everyday. If they are in the wash I’m a little sad as I put on other wimpy socks. In these socks I can ROCK all day!

Really Great Product

These things are just a great way to add a layer of insulation, they are warm and super comfy too.