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Bison Leather Gloves
Valerie C. (St Louis, US)
Excellent work gloves!

These are GREAT!!! Although the weather is hot outside, I've used them to stack hundreds of bales of hay, cut back brush, restack lumber-lots of chores around the farm. They have held up extremely well. And, fit my hand like, well, a glove. For me, the finger size is perfect. Love supporting and Small Business AND they are Made in the USA!!!

Ribbed Bison Beanie
David S. (Houston, US)
Always darned questions.

Still not sure how your product is sourced but the buffalo and and the original Americans were closest to the land before we started poisoning everything
to make it better. Did we really improve the land or just rearrange it to make dollars?

Bison Leather Gloves
Adolph G. (Seattle, US)
Buffalo Gloves

They great I use them for cutting and gathering fire wood and when the outside gets a little wet you can work touch screen they provide good Dexterity for tying knots refilling fuel just a all around excellent work glove😎

Pro Gear Crew Socks
Sue (Cheyenne, US)
Bison Socks will be my ‘Go To’ socks 👍🏻 No More Buying from Stores

I still have my socks on as the weather changed from being really warm to a very brisk ‘cold’. The Sun is out, but the weather is a brisk cold today... I’ve come to the recognition that my Bison Wool socks to be an equivalent to a good pair of hiking boots... 😃

Pro Gear Crew Socks
Sue (Cheyenne, US)
Colder weather

Socks are great at transitioning from indoors to the cold weather outside; still comfy 👍🏻🙂

No more stinky feet

Awesome socks!!! From someone that can clear a room with stinky feet, NO STINK at all with these socks. And the socks themselves don’t smell after taking them off. We will be buying more! I recommend these to everyone.

Sleep Sock
Hazel S. (Chapel Hill, US)

My feet are cold except for a few days in July. These sleep socks are so warm.
If I get my feet warm, I can go to sleep faster.
There have been a few nights that my feet got too warm.....has never happened before

Very warm

The socks were even thicker than anticipated. Made
My boots a little snug, but kept my feet toasty.

Very warm socks

The new Kodiak socks are super warm, very cushioned and extremely well made.

Northern Necessity

My daughter gave me a pair of your socks for Christmas last year. I live in Michigan and ordered 3 more pair for this winter. Perfect match.

Extreme Gear Bison Gloves
Kirk N. (Colorado Springs, US)
Warm gloves

I am pleased with these gloves. They are warm and comfortable.

Extreme Gear Bison Gloves - Close Out
Benjamin S. (Enfield, US)
Warmest Gloves!

I bought these for my daughter and she loves them. She says that they keep her hands and fingers warm better than any others she has ever had.


Comfortable and extremely warm

Extreme Gear Sock

I bought these socks for myself. I liked them so much, I ordered another pair to give as a gift. These socks are so wonderfully thick and warm. I love them 😊

Very soft and warm

Trekker - Advantage Gear Boot Socks
Hunter (Philadelphia, US)

They are soft and my feet haves stayed warm sitting for hours in my tree stand with temperatures in the teens and 20’s Very satisfied

Trekker - Advantage Gear Boot Socks
David M. (Hot Springs, US)
As Goldilocks would say.....

These socks are "just right." Actually, Goldilocks was being a bit reserved in her comment; these socks are perfect. Perfect fit, perfect weight..... And perfectly made. Great for every-day wear..... Not too hot, not too cold..... Just right!

Excellent boots

I have been looking for a comfortable pair of round toe boots because everything out there is square toe and I saw these and even though they were about a $ Hundo more than I was going to spend I splurged and boy and I glad I did !!! They are super comfy and I am just about to turn 60 years old and probably won't have to purchase another pair for the rest of my days !!! Buffalo hide.... just wow !!! Many high quality leathers are much more spoil yourself or someone else and get the boots !!!

Bison Insoles
Stacy F. (Hebron, US)
Another Awesome Product

Today I put them in my chest waders for duck hunting; 20° out, not sure what the windchill was, busted 1/2" of ice to the blind; and my feet were nice and toasty all morning long. Warmer than they have been for years. Thank you BWC.


i'm not much of a little kid any more, but on a whim i ordered a pair of the Red Dog Kids Trekker Jr. - Advantage Gear Boot Socks, thinking they might fit me... and sure enough! perfect fit! i wear a women's size 6, so if you wear a small size, try these, they'll be perfect!

Sleep Sock
Roderick T. (Oil City, US)
Sleep socks

Love them, two pairs one for my wife the other for me !!! Getting older these socks are a perfect fit for us !!! The feet are toasty and the body will follow !!! Not too loose not too tight just Right and so soft too !!! We highly recommend these Yack sleep socks !!! Roderick T and Sandee

Below average thickness

I was a bit disappointed at the thickness of these socks given the cost. I would not purchase these again.

Thank you for leaving a review, if the thickness doesn't meet your expectations you can return them for a different style or one with more thickness. These were not designed to be our thickest sock.

Sleep Sock
Helen C.
Toasty tootsies

Loving my socks-they’re comfortable and I may have to get more!


I was excited to have ordered the sock. Feels nice and soft. It is also nice and warm. I was a bit disappointed that the sock started losing its elastic feel. Meaning, the sock started getting sloppy and dropping down my leg minutes after walking in them. This happened after only machine washing it once. I will ofcourse still wear it. I'm just not sure if I will continue buying more socks considering this. I don't like the feel of socks being loose and sagging when walking (also turning on my feet a bit).

Pro Gear Crew Socks
NICHOLAS D.D. (Danvers, US)
Soft and cushionee

I’ve had other wool socks in the past but these really feel great. I love the cushion feel.