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Buffalo Gloves

They great I use them for cutting and gathering fire wood and when the outside gets a little wet you can work touch screen they provide good Dexterity for tying knots refilling fuel just a all around excellent work glove😎

Bison Socks will be my ‘Go To’ socks 👍🏻 No More Buying from Stores

I still have my socks on as the weather changed from being really warm to a very brisk ‘cold’. The Sun is out, but the weather is a brisk cold today... I’ve come to the recognition that my Bison Wool socks to be an equivalent to a good pair of hiking boots... 😃

Colder weather

Socks are great at transitioning from indoors to the cold weather outside; still comfy 👍🏻🙂

Best Hat Ever!

The Palo Duro Cowboy Hat is, in short, amazing. It’s soft, warm, fits great, protects against the sun, and keeps my hair out of my face. I wear it on my daily hikes here at 8,000 feet west of Boulder. My previous favorite hat, a bucket hat from the Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival, has lasted about 20 years and is certainly showing its age. I am confident that my Palo Duro Cowboy Hat will be a more than adequate replacement, and I hope it lasts me as many years! Thanks to the generous bison for donating their wool!

Wonderfully warm

My husband loves these socks. His feet are always cold so these make working out in the cold so much better.

Trekker Boot Socks to the Rescue

Loving the warmth, fit and feel of our Trekker Bison/Merino Book socks. Great support and padding where my boot usually “digs in”. Another winner in the battle of feet vs cold weather!

Advantage Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks

Was looking for a good heavy warm sock and think I found it with these Advantage Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks. Haven’t been able to really test them yet outside of wearing them with no shoes and standing on frozen snow to throw the ball for my lab Ruger. Although was only out there for a few minutes, was very comfortable and looking forward to hunting with them next season. Will buy another pair soon

Nice Fit And Feel

The medium Olive Brown Adventures Fedora is close to the color I saw online and fits my 22 inch BALD head. It's softer and seems warmer than my favorite name brand crushable wool fedora that I've been wearing constantly for the last 20 years. I won't miss the old fedora which is hard to say about most things these days. Please note, although the Adventures fedora can be washed, I was advised not to soak the adventures fedora with soap and water and wash it in a bucket or as if it were a bucket like I did with my old fedora. I haven't tried washing it yet but I'm told the dye won't bleed. Time will tell if this product deserves 5 stars.

Simply amazing

I viewed the claims and other reviews with skepticism. WOW! These are the most comfortable and warmest socks I've ever purchased. Pricey? Maybe but worth every penny. I'm about to order more. THANK YOU!

Pro-Gear Technical - Bison/Silk Boot Socks

Soft, comfortable, warm. Perfect winter sock for extended outdoor activity.

Great Quality! Great Warmth!

Lightweight, warm, and work great even when wet! This company makes products that serve the user very well!

Balaclava Review

It’s very has just the right amount of stretch to go on easily yet remain snug, and it’s long enough to keep the base of my neck warm too!

Love this hat!

This hat is perfect for taking walks on cool, sunny days: it’s light, warm and keeps the sun out of your eyes. It’s super-comfortable. I wear it frequently. Bonus: my wife thinks Ilook great wearing it.


Warm, soft and comfortable. What more could you ask for?

Great Company

Exceptional customer service!
The engineering of these socks is impressive. Unfortunately, I am very sensitive and bothered by the fiber. I will try again and wear them over another pair of socks. If you are not bothered by heightened sensitivities, I think you would enjoy these!


So glad I found this company. I love everything I have gotten. Love the shoes and socks. Love my pins too

New and Improved

The new version of the American Field socks are great! Still super warm with improved durability in key areas over the prior version. Also love the small touch of having the size noted on the sock permanently. Recently compared with some Alpaca socks and hands down the buffalo socks were warmer.

warm but slouch

nice and warm , but they don't stay up on my calves

Great Gloves

These are great so far. Warm, well-made and durable. I'm becoming a big fan of bison down as an outdoor fiber!

Another great BWC pair of socks

As with all BWC products, this pair of socks are of great value with it being durable, comfortable, and warm in cold New England weather. Feet and lower legs stay warm when I shovel snow in this these, work outside with the animals, go for walks in the city, and these are my go-to travel socks that I grab and put in my suitcase when I head to Canada during the winters.

Warm but prickly socks

Great warm socks but prickly. I got used to the feeling but rather wear my other BWC socks than this pair. Otherwise, same warmth and durability as other BWC products I own.

Like all my BWC socks, these are also super warm and are my grab-and-go socks

I love these socks because they are super warm, durable in and out of the house, and comfortable to wear. I'm a size 10 in boot size, and the large-size socks are high enough that it covers most of my calf and feet allowing nothing (no cold and no snow) to come in contact with them. They are my go-to socks for any activities where I am outside in the cold New England weather from roaming the city to working out in the fields with animals to hiking the woods. Fibers do tend to come off them and are found in my boots and house floor, but it is very little. Like other BWC socks that I own, these socks are a fantastic accessory for my warm wardrobe!

Too prickly for me

I couldn't wear these socks all day with boots laced up around my ankles because they prickled too much. Wearing them around the house without any boot ankle lacings was sort-of okay, with the prickled feeling coming through occasionally, but not constantly as when wearing boots. My husband has a pair in a large size which he likes (he says he finds the roughness comforting) so I gave my pair. He too found them prickly, but I wonder if that was from squashing a large foot into small socks. I have other styles of socks from this company that I love.

We Love your products and services

We just received our 3rd hat. My wife and granddaughter now sport your black hats. I have the same for me.

We will be back.


Warm socks - great customer service

I am an outdoor photographer in Alaska and have great clothing to keep warm with the exception of my feet. This socks are perfect - exactly what I am seeking. Thanks Ron & T.