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Black Bison Leather Gloves
Adolph G. (Seattle, US)
Buffalo Gloves

They great I use them for cutting and gathering fire wood and when the outside gets a little wet you can work touch screen they provide good Dexterity for tying knots refilling fuel just a all around excellent work glove😎

Bison Socks will be my ‘Go To’ socks 👍🏻 No More Buying from Stores

I still have my socks on as the weather changed from being really warm to a very brisk ‘cold’. The Sun is out, but the weather is a brisk cold today... I’ve come to the recognition that my Bison Wool socks to be an equivalent to a good pair of hiking boots... 😃

Colder weather

Socks are great at transitioning from indoors to the cold weather outside; still comfy 👍🏻🙂

Love it

It's a great gardening sock in my garden clogs. I will need to get more.

American Field Bison Boot Socks
Joe H. (Dallas, US)
Thank you

Thank you to the author of the bulletproof warning. Love your brand.

Outback wool hat

Exceeded expectations
Ordering another for a friend

Palo Duro: Appaloosa
Michael B. (Uniontown, US)
RMEF & looking good!

Very “apaloosie” !
I received a lot of compliments while working a fund raising banquet for RMEF, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, as the Merchandise Chairman. The fit & comfort made it very nice to wear for the evening considering there was no break in period.

The name of the sock says it all

Literally the best overall short sock. They’re pricier than your big box store option, but you certainly get what you pay for here. Since switching to these socks, and the Trekkers for cold weather, I have thrown away every cotton sock I own. My feet sweat noticeably less (a major problem for me) and with less sweat comes less stink! Seriously, buy these socks. You won’t regret it

Bison/Wool Insoles
Carleton P.C. (Saranac, US)
Worth It !

New level of balance. 8mm of comfort.

Jackson Slim Briefcase by Trask.
Anonymous (Salt Lake City, US)
Best computer bag ever!

I love this bag. I was hooked the second I open the box. The craftsmanship is first class and the attention to detail is amazing! I have already gotten several compliments!

Amazing and comfortable

Love,love, love these socks,so comfy, warm or cool, any pair will do

great socks

I love the socks. I do not feel the seam across the toes which is one big thing that bothers my toes. I wear a size 5.5 and a size small fit just right. They fit good inside my hiking shoes which I wear when walking at the park, no sweaty feet or blisters. Best socks I have, will be buying more for myself and husband.

warm and comfy

Bought a pair of these for my husband, who ALWAYS has cold feet. He actually said his toes were warm and even on the hot side (good in his book). Very squishy and seem to be holding up well.

Fingerless Gloves

Bought both types of fingerless gloves, the extreme gear bison down and the bison/merino. Both come true to size which I find not the case in a lot of other situations. I bought these in anticipation for fall hunting so I can not comment on their wear and all day feel, but have no doubt they will fill my needs. They are both extremely well put together. The extreme bison down has the feel of being thicker with a more cushiony feel. The bison/merino has a thinner feel with a definite softer feel. Both have a great comfortable grip around my wrist, not too tight or loose.

Neck Gaiter
Brian L. (New Haven, US)
In Connecticut haven't used gaiter yet! Ha ha

Just used your darning threads. Love it. Great result!

warm feet

My feet are almost always cold, these socks keep them warm all day and night. Sometimes there is a lot of dew moisture on the grass in the morning and with my socks on, I never get cold feet even when the moisture seeps through my sneakers to the socks. Best socks ever.

I was a skeptic, but now I'm convinced

I was extremely doubtful about wearing bison wool socks in warm weather in southeast Texas where summer starts early and hangs around late in the year. High humidity and temperatures make for very sweaty outdoor fun and exercise, but I thought I would give a pair of B.O.S.S. a try. Wow, I can't believe it! They are more comfortable than the polyester "wicking" athletic socks I had been wearing which made my feet very sweaty. Due to the antibacterial properties, I can wear them more than one day (okay, I confess I wear them three days). So I ordered three more pairs, gave a pair to my daughter and my three pairs get me through the week. Since I use fabric softener in my regular laundry and you're not supposed to do that with wool, I hand wash them in the sink with Woolite, squeeze dry in a towel and hang to dry. Not a big chore. So glad I read about this company on Nic Petit's Facebook page (he's an Alaskan musher and wears their tall socks when he runs his dogs in the winter). Love, love, love my B.O.S.S.

Trask Gallatin Belt
John C. (DeLand, US)
Nice quality belt

I bought 2 bison leather belts, one black and the other brown. Both are very nicely made and, like usual, the bison leather is top quality. I expect both belts to last a long time.

Palo Duro: Appaloosa
Isaiah G. (Albuquerque, US)

This is a very nice and comfortable hat. Since I’ve gotten i have worn it almost everywhere. It is one of those hats that you can dress up with or dress down in! All in all, I’m very happy with it!

The B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock)
Kevin K. (South Lake Tahoe, US)

Great cushion, comfortable. Perfect for cross country trail runs.

Best Sock ever!

On my feet all day, these socks help ease the aches and pains and no wet, soggy socks from foot sweats, or perspiration in polite circles!

Pro Gear Technical Bison/Silk Boot Socks

These socks are the perfect weight and thickness. I can wear them with my regular shoes and boots without being too tight, yet they are warm, and boy are they comfortable! While I also like the Trekker Boot Sock, they require a larger boot or a pac style boot as they are much thicker. These Pro Gear socks just became my favorite all around boot sock.

Cloud - Bison 100% down
sarah k. (Cincinnati, US)
Blown away on a cloud

I was astonished. I've bought buffalo down from another source, and now I see what's possible... so clean, no neps, so perfectly dehaired.....and you gave me a freebie! Never going anywhere else for this, ever. Thanks! (with hearts and stuff),

Nice Layer

Best thick layer and good under nylon mitten shell. This is my second pair both at a good price. 1st pair had BWC tag inside but this pair does not. Tags are good for hand me downs to other family or friends. IF SEND TAG i WILL SEW IT IN. ( It has the little bison 90% wool Tag). Thank you for a great product.