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Bison Leather Gloves
Valerie C. (St Louis, US)
Excellent work gloves!

These are GREAT!!! Although the weather is hot outside, I've used them to stack hundreds of bales of hay, cut back brush, restack lumber-lots of chores around the farm. They have held up extremely well. And, fit my hand like, well, a glove. For me, the finger size is perfect. Love supporting and Small Business AND they are Made in the USA!!!

Bison Beanie
David S. (Houston, US)
Always darned questions.

Still not sure how your product is sourced but the buffalo and and the original Americans were closest to the land before we started poisoning everything
to make it better. Did we really improve the land or just rearrange it to make dollars?

Best & Last Fedora you'll ever own (However, milage may vary).

I've had a few Fedoras over the years of my life; most of them are either too stiff or too heavy to wear year round. This one fits the bill for you to wear without worry; and most fashionable accessory for the modern male without looking like a Hipster or being Ironic. While some folks may think you're trying to be Indiana Jones; this gives off more of the Raymond Reddington vibe without being too forward or aggressive.

The classic example of a perfect men's hat for walking, hiking, beach trips or even just travel. It clears the head room of the average car from Sub-compact to a Luxury SUV without any issues as well as being able to flex against the headrest and not remain bent afterwards when you leave the vehicle. It needs a simple hat brush (same as a beard brush) to keep it in good shape and a light monthly brushing to keep it looking new.

If you're out doing Summer Activities wearingThe Outback; then dress "Resort Casual" as a way to make a statement without making one. Typically, a light weight polo/short sleeved collared shirt in a light color, quality cargo shorts (at or below the knee), and a pair of "BECK" BISON LEATHER SNEAKERS by Trask also sold by Buffalo Wool Company (ankle/short socks if you prefer).


Thank you so much for these kind words, I am so glad the hat fits the bill. If you ever need work, we could definitely use a copywriter with your wordsmith skills.

truly appreciated!

Bison Leather Gloves
Adolph G. (Seattle, US)
Buffalo Gloves

They great I use them for cutting and gathering fire wood and when the outside gets a little wet you can work touch screen they provide good Dexterity for tying knots refilling fuel just a all around excellent work glove😎

Bison Socks will be my ‘Go To’ socks 👍🏻 No More Buying from Stores

I still have my socks on as the weather changed from being really warm to a very brisk ‘cold’. The Sun is out, but the weather is a brisk cold today... I’ve come to the recognition that my Bison Wool socks to be an equivalent to a good pair of hiking boots... 😃

Colder weather

Socks are great at transitioning from indoors to the cold weather outside; still comfy 👍🏻🙂

Palo Duro Cowboy Hat
Alice W. (Nederland, US)
Best Hat Ever!

The Palo Duro Cowboy Hat is, in short, amazing. It’s soft, warm, fits great, protects against the sun, and keeps my hair out of my face. I wear it on my daily hikes here at 8,000 feet west of Boulder. My previous favorite hat, a bucket hat from the Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival, has lasted about 20 years and is certainly showing its age. I am confident that my Palo Duro Cowboy Hat will be a more than adequate replacement, and I hope it lasts me as many years! Thanks to the generous bison for donating their wool!

Bison Beanie
Mark C. (Kankakee, US)

The fit seems perfect and I wear a 7.5 size hat. While it has not been cold hear in Illinois yet I can tell it is going to be very warm with no itching . Great looking as well.

Bison Down Scarf
Joseph B.I. (Paoli, US)


American Field Bison Boot Socks
Judah C. (Anchorage, US)
Fantastic Socks Will Buy More!

I love nice wool socks. Won't use anything but. Since coming across these at the Alaska State Fair I have purchased 8 pairs. I can't get enough of them. Very comfortable even in Red Wings working boots on my feet 14 hours a day, and very warm so far. Absolutely no regrets love them.

Bison Beanie
Steve S. (Clarkston, US)

Bison Beanie

American Field Bison Boot Socks
Richard N. (Covina, US)
Buffalo Wool socks

Excellent quality socks , the neck gaiter is nice ad soft and does not scratch . Great product. The Bison wool gloves are the warmest I have ever had. No wind or cold will penetrate them. I lost one pair and had to get another one. Highly recommendable to all Hikers, Hunters and those that do a lot of outdoors in cold or semi cold climates.

Yellowstone Bison/Merino Crew Socks
Ronald D. (Pembroke, US)
Sox best Sox I have ever had

Extremely comfortable and warm I walk a lot of miles and no sign of wear

American Field Bison Boot Socks
Brett M. (Lititz, US)

American Field Bison Boot Socks

Idaho field tested

Socks worked great while hunting elk in Pioneer Mt region of Idaho

New Bridger

great socks. feel very good on my feet. am going to order more.

Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks
Denise S. (Buffalo, US)
These will be great for chilly toes in winter

My husband is a diabetic with cold feet all the time. His work sends him to cold areas of the country so these will be great for him. He tried them on, and just smiled. His first comment was that they were so comfortable,the second was how warm they were. He loves them. Thank you , we will be making more purchases for sure.

Pro-Gear Technical - Bison/Silk Crew Socks
Michael V.B. (New York, US)
Love them!

Unfortunately my cat does too!

Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks
Randel B. (Othello, US)
Trekker Bison/Merino socks

It is still summer, and I have not yet worn these socks, but they look thick and impressive.

Bison/Wool Insoles
Steven O. (Candler, US)
Bison/Wool Insoles

Absolutely love the insoles! My old L.L. Bean slippers are in great shape except for the insoles and were leaving my feet feeling cold. By adding the Bison/Wool Insoles, I no longer have the cold feet and have extended the life of my slippers. Thank you!

Yellowstone Bison/Merino Crew Socks
mercer e. (Cambridge, US)
Spendy but worth every dollar.

Socks are warm,soft, comfortable and your feet don’t sweat. Will be ordering a nother pair intended for real cold weather.

Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks
john h. (Minneapolis, US)
Still Insulates when wet

Late season waterfowling day with a leak in the waders was saved by the Trekker

Comforter- Absolutely 5 Stars!

Stellar comforter! I’ve used it at my cabin and in the high desert of Wyoming.

Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks
Jay M. (Ephrata, US)
trekker socks

Have not worn them in cold weather yet, but they fit and feel great. They are extremely soft and not the least bit itchy/scratchy like sheeps wool and are very comfortable inside boots. Will buy again

OTC Compression Socks
Mark (Vancouver, CA)
BWC Compression socks- AWESOME

No Sweat, No Stink, Feel Great, Compression really works, all day comfortable. Pricey but American made quality is worth it. Save $$ and buy 3 pair bundle.