BWC Starter Set

BWC Starter Set

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Bison/Wool Insoles (Size)
Advantage Gear - Bison/Merino Fingerless Gloves (Size)
Trekker Bison/Merino Boot Socks (Size)
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Head, Hands, Feet.  Protect your extremities and stay comfortable.  

Experience the best of bison wool with our BWC Starter Set! Get our iconic beanie, durable merino blend gloves, legendary Trekker boot socks, and bison/wool insoles for warmth and comfort.. All your cold-weather essentials in one package!

Insoles 8mm bison/wool in either 12" Large or 13" XL 

"Don't underestimate the value of a good quality natural fiber insole, they can add another ten degrees of comfort to your boots, and quality insoles may allow you to wear a lighter boot in colder weather. This is particularly nice for hunters, who may start the day sitting on a stand and then end up doing a lot of walking. Or if you work on cold concrete all day, you may be able to wear those comfortable work boots year round." 

Survival Expert, Leon Pantenburg "Survival Common Sense

Trekker Boot Socks   Sm-XL 

Our Trekker Boot Socks are our heaviest, most insulating, and most wicking sock. We’re sure these are likely the warmest socks on the planet.  The reviews agree. 

Bison Beanie 

Extreme Gear Knitted Hat- From the slopes at Aspen to the backwaters of Minnesota, if you need a lightweight and seriously warm, toboggan, toque or watch cap, this will keep you nice and warm.

Advantage Bison/Merino Fingerless gloves. 

These are our newest 2023, longer finger/longer cuff version When you have to do things, and need your fingers available. These gloves are durable, absorb moisture without feeling damp, and retain body heat well.  When you need a good pair of really warm gloves that are extra tough, these fit the bill perfectly. Machine washable/dryable 

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Autumn H.
Great for Coastal Alaska

Bought this set about a month ago and have used it for camping, after work hikes, and general daily use. First time wearing bison fibers.

The gloves have been great so far for 30F, rainy days and cuts the wind (below 15 mph) pretty well. The fingers are pretty long without much exposure to the fingertips, which I like. They stay dry when wet and the snow brushes off of them well- it doesn't cling like other materials. Very soft and comfortable, not itchy. And they still look nice after being washed a few times.

The beanie is great, warmest hat I own. The material irritates my forehead after some time, but I've remedied this by wearing a cotton headband underneath.

The socks are probably my favorite item in this set. I haven't found a pair of socks that I've liked to wear during the colder months that really keep my feet warm before these. They aren't itchy at all and I don't feel restricted, they move well.

I haven't tried the insoles yet, but they look great. I'm excited to try them out while winter camping this coming season.

Tested everything but the insoles out on a low-activity camping trip a couple weeks ago. It was 30F, 15-25 MPH winds, highest gusts were 40MPH. Spent most of the night watching the stars and waiting for the aurora next to the fire.

My boots were too small with the bison socks, reducing the maximum heat. I had originally wore cotton socks which weren't warm enough, so I had changed. My feet were a bit cramped but still much warmer (I'll be buying bigger boots for this year) and did not go numb.
The bison gloves were very comfortable, didn't effect my dexterity. They did surprisingly good given the circumstances and being fingerless gloves.
The bison beanie was warm and comfortable with the cotton headband underneath. Kept me very warm while sleeping.

I slept with all of the bison clothing on because I didn't bring the right gear for this trip. My tent was on top of frozen mud, I did not bring an extra tarp or blankets, and just had my 15F sleeping bag, foam sleeping pad, one thin blanket, and my husky (who shivered twice and I have never seen him shiver). I gave the blanket to my dog and we slept. The bison hat was amazing- there was one point where I took off the hat to feel the difference in temperature and I went from toasty to ice bath in an instant. Hands kept pretty warm the whole night. Although I could not keep my feet warm while in my sleeping bag, they did not get so cold that I sustained any injuries. All of my toes and fingers were happy and healthy by the end of it.

S&D Spinning Mill, Millbury, MA, USA

Designed from the Ground Up

The Dearnley Family has been running S & D Spinning since the 1800s. This is one of the last large scale wool mills left in the U.S. and they are absolutely crucial to us keeping our production here in the U.S.

Read more about how we spin our American bison yarns

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