Ute Tribe - Bison Tasting Pack & Meat Sticks

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You get 1 1/4 lb. pack of Ute Bison Steak Strips and 5 Ute Bison Meat Sticks for $40, or 11 of the Bison meat Sticks, your choice.

The Ute Tribe Bison Meat project has given us a couple of new and very good bison meat products .... that we can actually ship this winter and spring.  But quantities are very limited!

The Steak Strips are a very traditional dried bison - think bison jerky - but exceptionally tender and juicy.  Excellent flavor, smoky and lean, not overly salted.  1/4 lb. package

The Meat Sticks are a small salami- type product, but not greasy or dry - just enough fat to lean ratio.  Again, excellent flavor and texture

20 packs available as of 1/21/2021 (there is a very limited supply, we hope to get more in soon) 

The Ute Bison Meat Company was founded in 2015, as a division of Ute Tribal Enterprises, LLC to help reduce the Ute Indian Tribe’s overpopulated bison herd using the process that is culturally respectful and honors the significance of the American Bison heritage. 

We produce nothing but the finest, healthiest meat products to feed your family and our own. Our bison are treated humanely in a stress-free environment creating a smooth, delicious flavor reflecting the nourishing grasses of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation. 

  • Package: 5 (1oz) Bison Jerky Sticks & 1 (4oz) pkg Premium Bison steak strips
  • Package #2  11 x 1oz Bison Jerky Sticks

Customer Reviews

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Made for good snacks.


That was some of the best "jerky" that I have had in my 59 years. I could not have just one piece. I ate almost all of it in a day. Definitely worth trying!

Bison tasting pack

Very good and tasty sample.

delighted my carnivore husband!

i, a dedicated vegetarian, have weaned my carnivore husband off beef and onto bison as a much better substitute. got him this collection for valentine’s day and he loved it to pieces! our anniversary is coming up... hmm...

Awesome Bison Taste

The Ute bison jerky and meat sticks are an excellent protein snack and quite delicious!!! Is there a way these can be a regular item on Buffalo Wool Company?

Bison Tasting Pack

What a treat! Delicious jerky, lean with just right seasoning.


We love jerky and have tried many over the years. I purchased the sampler pack. It’s just amazing. I don’t know which is better the sticks or steaks. Not fatty. Not greasy. WONDERFUL flavor!!! Great texture. I will order it again. (BTW the Black Buffalo coffee is exceptional!!!)