Cloud - Bison 100% Yarn The Buffalo Wool Co. 1 oz bag
Cloud - Bison 100% Yarn The Buffalo Wool Co.

Cloud - Bison 100% down

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Pure Buffalo (Bison) - Roving  

 We have worked hard to produce the purest, softest, finest pure American bison down, with the longest staple length possible.   The fibers have been doubled scoured, and carefully dehaired removing all VM (vegtable matter) along with all guard hairs to bring you the softest buffalo fiber available.

We are only able to process 4-6 oz of fiber per animal making this a true treat to spin. So try this rare, super-soft spinning fiber today!  Sold in 1 oz or 1/2 oz bags

Customer Reviews

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Sheri K. (Tucson, US)
A Fun Spin

I got this for a fun spin when we are able to travel again.

sarah k. (Cincinnati, US)
Blown away on a cloud

I was astonished. I've bought buffalo down from another source, and now I see what's possible... so clean, no neps, so perfectly dehaired.....and you gave me a freebie! Never going anywhere else for this, ever. Thanks! (with hearts and stuff),

Diana D. (McKeesport, US)
Lovely fiber

While The Buffalo Wool Co. makes lots of products using buffalo yarn, they also sell buffalo fiber to spin. It does have a rather short staple length, but it is still easy to spin into a wonderful yarn.
I bought mine to use to blend with other fibers, and I fully expect to love the resulting yarn.

Caryn H. (Mineral Wells, US)
Lovely to spin

I loved spinning this fiber! I used a tahkli style supported spindle, spun fast and fine as recommended, holding a portion of fluff in my palm and spinning off my fingertips. The fiber is very well prepared and I had no waste. I spun half Z and did a two-ply S, and half S with a two-ply Z. I will use them to knit up some wrist warmers when I’m done looking at the lovely little buffalo yarn cakes.

ForestDi56 (Trego, US)
Looking forward to using it

I'm looking forward to spinning this. I will probably mix it with either silk or wool, first. I love my socks from you folks so I'm sure I will love whatever I make with this.

Marya W. (Seattle, US)
I can't give enough stars.

I ordered a half ounce bag, but received a full, along with a simple note, "I didn't have any 1/2oz bags :)". This would have been a happy surprise at any time, but it's been an especially rough few weeks and the kindness really touched me. Thank you so so much.

The fiber itself is lovely and a delight to touch, I can't wait to work with it.

Sharleen F. (Grants Pass, US)
Buffalo fiber

I blended buffalo fiber with alpaca and spun the fiber and knitted a hat.

What you would dream of....

This cloud is just perfect. I am going to comb it with some silk I have. I am totally sure this project will spin up just great. Loving this very clean bison down!!