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Neck Gaiter

Neck Gaiter

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Probably our most requested piece ever.  Every musher we know wanted exactly this, so we got our amazing production knitter down in Austin Tx. to make us a few.  

This neck warmer, neck gaiter keeps neck warm and dry way better than a scarf; Ultra warm bison yarn for max heat retention.

Thin and breathable, not heavy or constrictive, lets moisture vapor escape from nose and mouth, but retains all your body heat. 

Neck gaiter slips over your head head to cover neck, mouth, ears and face
Neck warmer has moisture management and thermal properties; Great for men, women, cold weather; Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, toboggan, running, and other outdoor activities

  • Extreme - 90% bison / 10% nylon
  • Pro-gear - 50% bison / 50% silk
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

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John F. (Secaucus, US)
Neck Gaiter

The gaiter is GREAT! Big enough to fit easily around my neck and be pulled up over my ears and chin as well. Super warm and soft. One of the areas that always seems to be cold on me is my neck, front and back. Scarves unwrap and start to loosen, you can't pull them up and expect them to stay put. This gaiter is a game changer! Great product. Highly recommended.

Vonda S. (Seattle, US)
Buffalo Neck Gaiter

I have already used this gaiter while fishing for tuna out of Ilwaco, WA and it was fantastic. It kept me warm and it did not retain water from the ocean or my sweat. I look forward to using it during hunting season.

Brian L. (New Haven, US)
In Connecticut haven't used gaiter yet! Ha ha

Just used your darning threads. Love it. Great result!

Jonathan O. (New Milford, US)
As Advertised+A Whole Lot More

I was blessed/cursed at birth with a massive noggin. Blessed because I survived a very rough and tumble childhood without any concussions, cursed because finding outerwear that fits well and is pliable enough to avoid over stretching has always been a struggle for me. Until I discovered the Buffalo Wool Company...their neck gaiter is unlike anything I have ever worn, works phenomenally well at regulating body temperature in extreme cold and wind, and is so damn comfortable I sometimes forgot I was even wearing it. Worth every penny, I’d say I would buy it again, but it’s so well made I highly doubt I’ll ever have to buy another one. Superb product.

Jason H. (Marshallville, US)

The product is well made and best of all, made in the USA. The negative, for me, is it’s too big to pull up to cover your nose and ears, without falling down. I’m not a small person, 6’ and 200 lbs. I wouldn’t recommend buying unless you only intend to wear it around your neck.

JOHN J.M. (Santa Fe, US)
neck gator

Warm, comfortable, less bulky than a scarf.

Jamie (Omaha, US)

Has a looser fit than what I was expecting, however, does not in any way deter from the warmth it provides. Not to mention how exceptionally soft it is!! Love it!!

Phil E. (Las Vegas, US)
Loose by Gator

Fine material and workmanship but a bit looser than I expected.