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Ladies Cabled Bison Gloves Bison Gear The Buffalo Wool Co.

Extreme Gear Ladies Cabled Gloves

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  • Base Yarn Composition: 90% American bison down / 10% Nylon
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You have been asking for years, and we finally have your cable knit glove.  Ultra-soft, seriously warm, there is no warmer, cozier glove made. Matches our cabled hat and scarf  to make a complete set.


  • Medium only
  • Tapered longer wrist for ladies
  • Cabled designed
  • Extreme Gear Collection
  • 90% Bison down 10% Nylon
  • Machine Washable - Tumble dry low

Glove Sizing

To find your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure, at the place indicated by the red line (just below your knuckles) to the widest part of your palm on your pinky finger side. It is recommended that you should use your dominant hand. Size in inches is for both male and female.

Hand Size Hand Measurement

5.5" - 6.5"


6.5" - 7.5"


7.5" - 8.5"


8.5" - 9.5"

Download Sizing Guide (pdf)

Material Composition

Here at The Buffalo Wool Co., our yarn bases for all our gear is (and will always be) natural fibers. This means that the internal structure of your socks (the parts that touch your skin) will be made from bison fiber, merino wool, mulberry silk, and other 100% natural fibers.

The overall composition (the parts that touch your skin plus everything else) will include other materials like nylon or polyester. This is done to make the sock more durable and ensure that your socks work (and play) as hard as you do.

Yarn Base Composition

90% American bison down / 10% Nylon

Overall Composition

Guide to fiber composition

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Customer Reviews

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Richard M. (Chicago, US)
Stylish warm hands

The Ladies Cabled Bison Gloves are comfortable, elegant and practical for almost any occasion. They keep your fingers fairly warm (increasing the wool of the fingers would make them great for people with cold sensitivity. They are a bit scratchy on the skin (adding a lining would fix this). Making these improvements would more than justify a price increase and five star rating.

Gerald B. (Dallas, US)
Christmas gift for my wife

My wife loved these gloves! She had a pair of dress gloves from somewhere else, but I noticed that her hands were always still cold when she took them off. That is no longer an issue! She loves how they look and feel and I love that they keep her hands warm n toasty! She also has a stocking hat and socks from The Buffalo Wool Company - it does the same and she works in a refrigerated area all day long making meals in a box - so thank you all for keeping my wife warm, happy and looking great!!!

Kevin S. (Schwenksville, US)
My GF loves them

Recommended by a fly fishing guide to invest in buffalo wool for outdoor activities in the winter. Bought these gloves online. She was impressed.

William B. (Whitney, US)
Cozy & comfy wool!!

My husband surprised me with the gift of warm & soft bison wool gloves, beanie and socks. He asked that I share the review. I am enjoying these! I have a large number of merino wool items that are produced in the USA and this gift opened my eyes to yet another great wool option. Highly recommend! Suzanne

Eileen (Burlington, US)
The gloves I have been waiting for!

For years I have been frustrated with finger gloves that don't keep my fingers warm in the winter. After my experience with your wonderful socks, I figured I could trust your gloves as well. So comfortable and warm!! I love them. AND can use them as a 'liner' for a bigger glove when super cold out. Win win.

G. S. (Portland, US)
90% Bison Women's cable knit glove not as warm as I expected

I have Reynaud's syndrome and one review of your gloves was written by someone who said they also had it and that your gloves were the first ever to keep their hands warm. I have tried them with and without a thin wool liner and at 35 degrees after 30 minutes or so my fingers turn white and very painful. Even in the low 40's they are not adequate if the sun is not out. I will say that they are warmer than a comparable wool glove of the same thickness. I have a small hand with long thin fingers and these gloves barely accomodate a thin liner and the thumb is rather short in comparison to the fingers. The gloves would be too tight for someone with larger hands. I like the longer cuff length. I had hoped that for such a high price these gloves would be thicker and warmer. The website states that Buffalo is eight times warmer than wool but I did not find that to be true.


​I am so sorry they don't work for you, and you are definitely welcome to return them and we can get you a refund. Reynaud's is a serious condition and depending on how severe it is, sometimes the gloves work well, and obviously in your case they aren't enough. Geier makes some nice electric heated gloves here in the U.S. not affiliated, just a fan. Those might be more what you require.

​Thank you again

glen c. (Niagara, US)
5 star

Gloves not the warmest in cold and wind untill I put them inside a another pair of cheap gloves. Never got cold since . -15 today nice and toasty warm

Nancy C.

Baby soft yarn, good fit for long fingers. Feel pampered when wearing them.

S&D Spinning Mill, Millbury, MA, USA

Designed from the Ground Up

The Dearnley Family has been running S & D Spinning since the 1800s. This is one of the last large scale wool mills left in the U.S. and they are absolutely crucial to us keeping our production here in the U.S.

Read more about how we spin our American bison yarns

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