Darning repair Kits The Buffalo Wool Co. Advantage (50% bison 50% wool)
Darning repair Kits The Buffalo Wool Co. extreme brown (90% bison 10% nylon)

Darning repair Kits

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What is Darning you ask? Well knit happens and it is when a knitted garment is in need of repair.  Repairs are easy and quick, DON"T  wait until the hole is large and harder to repair!! And with a little bit of help from youtube, or wikihow help is just around the corner for easy directions on how to repair.  Buffalo Wool Company has put together kits to help in that repair process as well. The kit includes a small spool of yarn to match your garment, darning needle and set of instructions.

Quick links to help you out: Wikihow remember "A stitch in time, saves time"

Each kit contains:

  • 1 (one) darning needle
  • spool
  • 60 inches of yarn (choose the fiber that fits your product)


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Customer Reviews

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Kaye (Alexandria, US)
A stitch in time saves nine!

My Dad taught me to darn socks, and now I have the best Buffalo knee socks that may need to be darned one day and I’m ready!

Todd G. (Worcester, US)
Repair Kit

A great way to keep a great pair of socks in the rotation. And learned a new skill at the same time.

Gerald A.T. (Lancaster, US)
Darning repairs

Wore out the thumbs. Requested repair kit. This helped me greatly, as I ware , the gloves daily . Repairing was a breeze, ( sewing not the greatest) but all went well. Fingers nice and warm again. Thank You, very much. Have a great Year.

Bob B. (West Warwick, US)

Some of the best sock repair yarn I've used. But, 5' per package is a bit ridiculous. I wear wool socks all year and repair several pairs each fall--primarily in the upper heel/Achilles tendon area. Darning this area uses about 7-10' per sock. 10 yards would be a much better quantity.

Debra S. (Wasilla, US)
Repair Kit

It was perfect to fix my buffalo wool gloves. I had worn holes in both thumbs and it the correct amount to darn the holes. It was my first attempt to darn so that part was pretty but the yarn was great😊.

Laura T. (Silverton, US)
Bison rule!

Perfect, as usual.

Too bad I need this product.

The kit was adequate to repair my BWC socks, but the fact that I needed to repair a pair of socks that are advertised as being tough enough for everyday all day wear is very disappointing. Perhaps you could include a darning egg in the kit so buyers will be able to repair all of the sock failures I suspect are coming.

Marjorie G. (Peoria, US)
Hate tp sew; now love to darn

I was impressed by the high quality of this little kit. It came with everything that I needed. I had seen a video on the internet on how to darn a wool garment and the needle and wool worked well with this process. Great product.

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