Darning repair Kits The Buffalo Wool Co. Advantage (50% bison 50% wool)
Darning repair Kits The Buffalo Wool Co. extreme brown (90% bison 10% nylon)

Darning repair Kits

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What is Darning you ask? Well knit happens and it is when a knitted garment is in need of repair.  Repairs are easy and quick, DON"T  wait until the hole is large and harder to repair!! And with a little bit of help from youtube, or wikihow help is just around the corner for easy directions on how to repair.  Buffalo Wool Company has put together kits to help in that repair process as well. The kit includes a small spool of yarn to match your garment, darning needle and set of instructions.

Quick links to help you out: Wikihow remember "A stitch in time, saves time"

Each kit contains:

  • 1 (one) darning needle
  • spool
  • 60 inches of yarn (choose the fiber that fits your product)


Customer Reviews

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JB (Anchorage, US)

Including the needle is the kind of attention to detail that makes you guys so great.

Michael G. (New Rochelle, US)
a good little kit

it had the needle I was looking for and yarn the right weight. it was everything I was looking for and nothing I didn't want.

Rue L. (Wilmington, US)
My Darning Wool

This was great and I saved a pair of socks that I LOVE.

Evelyn A. (Greenville, US)
Repair Kit, Advantage Wool

I have a pair of gloves I got several years ago at the SAFF fair held near Asheville, NC. Love the gloves but needed to darn a wear place after much use. While I love the kit, I did have to call (great folks!) to find it on the website. Maybe I'm computer-challenged, but its location was not clear.
The kit itself is great because it includes a darning needle! And the service was wonderful.
Eyeing those great socks next!

Bill (North Vancouver, CA)
Didn’t receive the darning kit

May have gotten lost in my freight forwarding solution, because Canada.

Jim B. (Hortonville, US)
Kit never came.

There was never a tracking number for the kit. When I emailed the company they said it should arrive on a Thursday and a week later it still wasn't here. I ended up cancelling. Very disappointing. The kit was to repair a hole in one of their gloves. The hole developed after one season of light wear. Disappointed in the quality of a $95.00 pair of gloves and the poor service on the kit.

Hey Jim, we are sorry to hear it all going so wrong for you and your order. We acutually sent you two kits for your order (one to repair and an emergency one when out again). Your order should have arrived by now (no tracking since it weighted nothing and was shipped 1st class envelope) and your order was refunded due to the delivery delay. The gloves are a natural fiber thats why they are so warm and on occasions they can break it is caught on something but the repair kit will do the job well. May you find more happy days ahead of you. Kindest regards Theresa

A S.C.
GOOD Customer Care

The pair of gloves I bought from BWC was the first I'd ever had made of bison wool. I work outside in ND winters and the gloves have definitely kept my hands warmer. I worked with the gloves on the first day and a hole developed due to the nature of my work. I presented the problem to BWC and they were kind enough to send me a free darning kit. It worked just fine.
The ones I bought are used best used as lining underneath standard work gloves. I fully intend to buy from BWC again :relaxed:️

Allen B.
Repair Kit from Buffalo Wool

Great little repair kit; although, in this day age some may not know how to use. No problem, my mother taught me how to darn my own socks early in life. Had a new pair of socks from Buffalo wool that unraveled at the heel. They sent this repair at no cost and it worked just like it should