Darning repair Kits
Darning repair Kits

Darning repair Kits

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What is Darning you ask? Well knit happens and it is when a knitted garment is in need of repair.  Repairs are easy and quick, DON"T  wait until the hole is large and harder to repair!! And with a little bit of help from youtube, or wikihow help is just around the corner for easy directions on how to repair.  Buffalo Wool Company has put together kits to help in that repair process as well. The kit includes a small spool of yarn to match your garment, darning needle and set of instructions.

Quick links to help you out: Wikihow remember "A stitch in time, saves time"

Each kit contains:

  • 1 (one) darning needle
  • spool
  • 60 inches of yarn (choose the fiber that fits your product)