Advantage Gear - Bison/Merino Fingerless Gloves

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When you have to do things, and need your fingers available, these are slightly more affordable variation on our bison fiber gloves, our Advantage line, made from a blend of  50%  bison fiber and 50% fine super-wash treated Merino wool.  These gloves are durable, absorb moisture without feeling damp, and retain body heat well.  When you need a good pair of really warm gloves that are extra tough, these fit the bill perfectly.  Made in the USA. Machine washable/dryable 

BWC Glove Size Chart

To find your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure, at the place indicated by the red line (just below your knuckles) to the widest part of your palm on your pinky finger side.  It is recommended that you should use your dominant hand. Size in inches is for both male and female 







9-9.5 in

229-241 mm


10-10.5 in

254-567 mm




Satisfaction Guaranteed: NO FINE PRINT,  If you don't truly love them, send them back.

Customer Reviews

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Dave D. (San Antonio, US)
Kept Me Warm While Fishing Near Grazing Buffalo

Wore these while fly fishing in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone. The mornings were cold, my fingers & hands were not. Even when I put them in the water to release another fish. The grazing buffalo did not seem to mind I was taking advantage of their wool to stay warm.

Great fishing gloves for Yellowstone, or any other cold water fishery.

brian P. (Chicago Heights, US)

Excellent product!!

ESH (Ooltewah, US)
Fantastic for Flyfishing

These gloves are perfect for any cold-weather activity requiring manual dexterity, even when wet!

Tim F. (Kirkland, US)
Wam and Soft and almost perfect!

Have been lamenting my Ibex merion wool fingerless gloves giving up the ghost and Ibex not making them anymore and found these. Awesomely warm, and soft and used them for dog walks here in PNW and also over my riding gloves for mountain biking in the cold mornings. Just great. Wish they would make some with the grip dots like on the full finger bison gloves.

Mike K. (New York, US)

Nice looking and solid construction. Can’t vouch for the durability yet but happy with the purchase.

Charles F. (Canton, US)
Excellent Gloves

I wore the Bison/Merino Fingerless Gloves during a February small game hunt in Georgia and, more recently, during a solo pack-in camping trip in a wildlife management area in the same state. The low temperature hit 30 degrees Fahrenheit with a constant 10-15 mph March wind. The gloves performed flawlessly and my hands stayed warm. They appear to be very well-made and I anticipate many years of use to come. I highly recommend them.

jim b. (St Louis, US)
great product

i’ve had these gloves now for about two weeks and i can truly say that i love these gloves. they’re perfect on those mornings where it’s cool/chilly like what’s to be expected during the late winter early spring. can’t wait to see how they perform during the winter time. i’d highly recommend these gloves. though i’am thinking about getting the mitten fingerless version. great job on these gloves though.

Jim F. (Noblesville, US)
Great gloves!!

The gloves were everything I had hoped for. Great quality and very comfortable. Would definitely recommend these to anyone.