Bison Fiber Soil Amendment 1lb package | The Buffalo Wool Co.

Bison Fiber Soil Amendment 1lb package

What is it?  well, most simply it is 1lb of buffalo hair, the short down and guard hair that is left when we make our yarns.   Just part of our program for finding the best use for everything bison.  

What do I do with it? When tilling up your garden, or filling pots for planting, just spread the fiber out as you mix up the dirt.   It's is pretty simple, we recommend .5 lbs per square yard of garden plot, or 1 oz per one gallon pot.   Obviously if you have more clay in your soil, you might want to use more.

Why would I want to use it?  Bison fiber is a great source of very slow release nitrogen and other minerals that puts nutrients back into the soil.  It also improves drainage and soil aeration.  Supercharge your garden the natural way. 

Want to read a little more on hair additives in agriculture?.... check out this article.

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