Ultimate fly tying kit - front view
Ultimate fly tying kit - back view
Sample of flies made from the kit
Salt water fly

Ultimate Bison Fly Tying Kit

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The American plains bison is what your fishing is missing, just enough of the coarse fiber to give it some spikiness. Ultralight and naturally water repellant, bison down holds bubbles better than almost any other natural fiber.

This ultimate bison fly tying kit gives you everything you need for your is available in five bison dubbing in colors, enough to get you started and hooked on bison flies for all of your fishing needs.  Bison fiber is great for dubbing and bodies. You'll love using the bison fiber for catching your browns, rainbows, salmon, steelheads and whatever else you can toss a line at.


 Kits include:

3 yarn spools: Earth yarn (90% bison down yarn 10% Nylon)                                                              Prairie (50/50 Bison & silk) blue and red

11 Bison fibers Natural - Bison Brown,  Black, Teal, Fire Red,                                                              Golden Brown, Moss Green, Bottle Blue, Purple, River Green,                                    Fuchsia, Chartreuse Green