Bison/Wool felt coasters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison/Wool felt coasters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison/Wool felt coasters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.

Bison/Wool felt coasters

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"Always use Protection"

That is what my mother always told me when I would leave the house...  Mom had a great love for fine furniture and the thought of a coffee ring on a coffee table or the sweat from a cold beer on a buffet would throw her into a tizzy.  

I drink a lot, usually here at my desk...      usually coffee, there are some days though that justify a barley beverage or two. 

Our American bison/wool felt insoles are pretty amazing for wicking moisture, insulating, and giving a bit of cushion for big heavy objects. I won't say if setting a beverage down on a random insole that was lying around was the inspiration behind this, but it might have happened. 

Make your mother proud, use a coaster. 


Natural fibers wick moisture, providing a great solution to moisture or condensation from a beverage. We have made them large enough to hold the larger cups and mugs while providing great protection for your furniture. 

  • 4 PACK FELT COASTERS – highly absorbent felt coasters that will perfectly match any decor in your home. Each of the 4 coasters is 5x5 inches square and 1/4" thick, charcoal gray in color when bison are blended with wool. 
  • SUPER ABSORBENT MATERIAL – Made from  50% Bison hair 50% Wool, 100% natural, dye-free, biodegradable and sustainable. Felt will quickly absorb any spills or condensation from your drink. Natural wool felt uniquely "wicks" away condensation. Moisture is gently absorbed into the coaster, protecting the wood from moisture. Using stone, plastic, wood, or paper coasters can still cause drips, puddles, and moisture stains. 
  • THICK AND DURABLE – Sleek and stylish,  1/4" thick and dense felt materials that will never dent, tear, or rip no matter what type of drink you use it for. The soft felt also prevents your drink coasters from scratching or damaging your table
  • FOR HOT AND COLD DRINKS – coasters for drinks absorbent material makes them resistant to hot or cold temperatures. No matter your drink of choice, know your furniture or table is fully protected. Use with hot coffee, beer, cocktails, tea - Any type of drink, and compatible with all flat bottomed beverage containers. 
  • MADE IN THE USA - We are a small family business, we precisely die-cut each product ourselves and care deeply about quality. This fiber is the outer guard fiber that is separated from the soft undercoat that we use in our yarns and ready to wear garments. We strive to use all the fibers that we gather from the animal. We know you’ll be pleased and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

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Best Coasters Ever!

I bought these coasters last year to give as Christmas presents, and my hubby loved them so much we ordered more and threw away all other coasters. Soft - won’t scratch the furniture. Absorbent and doesn’t leak through. Lightweight and classy. So glad to have them in my home.

Nice Coasters

Purchased these for friends (he writes westerns, and buffalo hunting plays a role in the books.) They appear nice. Because they were a gift, I do not know how well they will wear.


So soft and absorbant. Great size. Got them for my granddaughters first apt. She loves them.