Bison Leather Gloves
Bison Leather Gloves

Bison Leather Gloves

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  • 100% Leather Work Gloves Made in the USA from Genuine American Bison (Buffalo).
  • American Bison Leather
  • Work gloves are gathered at the wrists by sheared elastic with a hemmed cuff for a good fit and to keep the dirt out.
  • The inset or keystone thumb and hemmed cuff mean these gloves will be the most comfortable pair of leather work gloves you own.
  • Sizes are listed as men's glove sizes but will work for both men and women.
  • Unlined leather gloves offer high dexterity and hand movement.

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Valerie C. (St Louis, US)
Excellent work gloves!

These are GREAT!!! Although the weather is hot outside, I've used them to stack hundreds of bales of hay, cut back brush, restack lumber-lots of chores around the farm. They have held up extremely well. And, fit my hand like, well, a glove. For me, the finger size is perfect. Love supporting and Small Business AND they are Made in the USA!!!

Adolph G. (Seattle, US)
Buffalo Gloves

They great I use them for cutting and gathering fire wood and when the outside gets a little wet you can work touch screen they provide good Dexterity for tying knots refilling fuel just a all around excellent work glove😎

Kenneth P. (Arlington, US)

Great fit

Oscar D. (Edmonds, US)
Why not womens sizes!

Great gloves! What about the women?

Denise S. (Atlanta, US)

I keep asking myself why I waited so long to buy these and the only answer I have is sheer stupidity. Buy these and you will be very happy and not feel like me :)

R W. (Jacksonville, US)
Amazing customer service but the Midwest gloves did fall a little short of my expectations.

First off I’d like to say just how happy I was with the customer service and prompt shipment of my gloves. It was fast! Unfortunately my first gloves had a little too much space in the finger tips for my liking. I made sure to use the guide provided by the manufacturer but every fingertip had some play in them. I returned them which I was slightly bummed about it because now I have an extra 10 dollars invested in them. A couple of days later a pair of mediums arrived. The package was secured well and there was a handwritten thank you note on the order. I’d give their customer service a solid 5/5.

My first impressions of the gloves. They are extremely nice, very soft to the touch but thick at the same time. I love the little Buffalo that was branded on the cuff as an extra touch. I was happy to find that the mediums fit much better than the large. The pinky and the thumbs still had a little under half an inch of space at the tip but with use this gap shrank up and they began to form fit. I typically use Mechanix or Hexarmor gloves in size medium and they are almost perfect for my fingers. Gloves are like shoes, they try to make them as universal as possible but everyone has slightly different hands. You need to understand this going into it. There are a couple of tips and tricks you can do to help them shrink and form fit if it bothers you.
For over two weeks I used them performing various tasks around the house and at work. I used them for: tilling, shoveling, planting vegetables, pulling rocks out of the ground, cutting firewood, cutting down trees, pressure washing, splitting wood, stacking wood, stacking bricks, leveling off dirt and gravel etc. I was pleased to find that they were starting to form fit to my hand and fingers, still a little bit of play but like I said it’s to be expected sometimes. I was using a concrete block to compact dirt and level it off. While doing this I had finally worn a hole in the finger tip of my right middle finger. It’s about the size of a pea. I could probably sew it up or patch it but I haven’t tried yet. They are very tough but anything will wear with enough use. I was handling some pretty sharp pieces of wood and rock. I think the friction between the concrete block and leather finally wore them out on the tip. I didn’t baby my gloves but I didn’t abuse them either. Almost all of my gloves wear through at the pointer or middle right finger.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again but I’d have to wait for them to be on sale to justify it. Midwest glove outfitters should have a more detailed sizing guide to assist people with choosing the correct glove. I will probably pick up some glove liners or socks closer to winter time. Thanks again!

Richard N. (Seattle, US)
Excellent Product

Love the gloves comfortable , soft and right for work

Anonymous (West Warwick, US)
Buffalo leather

Excellent fit and waiting for spring to get outside and see how they wear

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