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Extreme Gear Bison Down Gloves - Brown

When you need more protection, our full fingered bison down gloves are lightweight, warm and durable.  Combed from the insulating, downy undercoat of the American Bison, until you put these on, it's hard to believe their ultra-soft comfort and lightweight warmth. Bison Down is harvested from buffalo in Colorado and South Dakota then finely knit for maximum warmth with minimum bulk. These gloves are so lightweight that they are only 1.5 oz per glove. These gloves are durable, absorb moisture without feeling damp, and retain body heat well. Bison fiber has no lanolin, which many people are allergic to. . Made in the USA. Machine washable.

Stay warm and comfortable under the harshest circumstances.  


Check your glove size with this handy sizing chart. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed: NO FINE PRINT,  If you don't truly love them, send them back.  100% money back.  These are expensive gloves, and if they don't work for you for what ever reason, you shouldn't be stuck with them.  We have been doing these for seven years now, at hunting shows, and fishing events across the country, and have made this promise to everyone we have ever sold a pair to.   


  1. An Unexpected Experience 

    Posted by Carl on 9th Feb 2014

    These gloves are so light and warm I was most pleased!
    I have the fingerless in the wool / bison mix and these fingered gloves in full bison, most pleased with both purchases! Great Job!

  2. Warmer than average gloves 

    Posted by JimBowyer on 19th Nov 2013

    Wore them today. Hands were cold. (outside temp +3C in pleasant sunshine. Put a 2nd pair of thin gloves inside bison gloves, fingers still cold. Never found any gloves to keep my hands warm-have poor circulation so my fault not the gloves.

  3. Just like Cinderella's slipper 

    Posted by Tod on 6th Jan 2013

    I did a lot of research before making this purchase. I wanted a product that provided maximum warmth without feeling like bandages wrapped around my hands. These gloves are magnificent. Perfect. Most wool products are too bulky; in the case of cashmere, too delicate. Not this bison fiber. You can move your fingers freely, the material is soft and supple, yet they feel thick and protective. I hope to get many years of use from these. Also, the personalized service from the owners can't be beat. Thanks.

  4. Alaska tested 

    Posted by Brian Cassidy on 1st Apr 2012

    As an avid hunter in alaska I seek out and use only the best in gear. I purchased the full finger bison gloves spring of 2011 in hopes of finding a solution to my perpetual cold hands issue.

    The gloves performance exceeded my expectations for both warmth and durability. Only when temps dropped below -20 did I need to use an over mitten with these gloves to keep warm. In warmer temps that still required gloves, they where always comfortable and always seemed to keep my hands at just the right temperature. After a full year of use they show little to no wear and clean up nicely when soiled. 

    Great product worth every dime many thanks.

  5. Great Hunting Gloves 

    Posted by Eric on 10th Feb 2012

    January 14th in PA was very cold and windy and the gloves kept my hands very warm which made for a good day in field hunting. I think these gloves are great and strongly recommend them.

  6. Warm fingers 

    Posted by Tony on 4th Jan 2012

    I bought these gloves in a Xmas market we have in DC each year. I have to say, "These gloves keep your hands amazingly warm, even when it was 8 degrees this morning"!!!

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