Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes

Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes

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Have you always wanted that amazing Bison (American buffalo) winter hide to have on the bed or couch, for those cold cold winter nights, or just to hang on the wall in the cabin? 

A uniquely American tradition, tanned bison hide has been used to warm and decorate homes for thousands of years. During the winter the robe is at its densest and most lustrous and make for the best hides.

 Our winter bison hides display a range of rich and deep hues, from dark coffee brown to golden caramel. The fur is soft and thick, making it ideal as rug or throw to chase away the cold. Next to the hearth, for the bed or on the back of a chair, add texture and warmth to any room.

 These are prime winter bison hides,  tanned by one of the best ever tanners in the USA.  We offer only the select and best are grade "A" hides, perfect for your couch, bed, or even as a rug.  They are garment tanned, and butter soft.  We also have the larger robes, still beautiful, not trimmed or sewn, but with some imperfections that make them better suited towards becoming a coat, vest, or just on the couch at the cabin... 

Prime Buffalo Hide

Every bison hide we choose has its own story; the natural differences found in the brands, rub marks, and scars are unique to each animal. We are often asked the best practices for caring for these one of a kind pieces. It’s easy, we promise! Here are some product care tips and tricks to ensure that your buffalo hide maintains all the uniqueness and elements that you love.

Storing Your Hide

We recommend keeping your hide outside of direct sunlight. Too much sun can damage or discolor the hair. The hide should be kept loose – compressing the piece could also cause damage. Never use plastic containers to store your hide — these can cause the hide to sweat itself and ruin the hide.

Cleaning and Care

Your hide is made for everyday use. If your piece takes a spill, spot clean as much of the liquid as you can. Then, simply use a clean damp cloth to blot the area. Cleaning solutions are too harsh for the fur, so avoid using them or saturating the piece in water. If your hide becomes matted, a heavy metal comb can be used to brush it out. We recommend a Scotch Comb for this.

If you are using your hide as a rug, we recommend vacuuming at least once a week. To avoid getting the hair tangled, we typically use the vacuum hose instead of the vacuum brush. If you prefer your hide as a wall hanging, bedspread, wrap, or throw, vacuum as needed.



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Customer Reviews

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Marc R.H. (Danbury, US)

Wow! What an amazing piece of history! I never knew bison skins were so woolly
and soft. I look for ward to having my grandkids all wrapped up in it in front of the fireplace. Beautiful!

Rick S. (Kansas City, US)
Bison (Buffalo) Hide/Robe

I had been considering the Bison Hide/Robe since I first saw it on the website. I am not sure how someone could or would wear it as a robe but as a cover on our bedroom floor or on our bed or sofa this would be delightful. We have it on the bedroom floor and is SO SOFT AND COMFORTABLE to walk on with bare feet. LOVE THE QUALITY AND CRAFTMANSHIP OF THIS PRODUCT WHICH WILL PROBABLY OUT LAST ME!

Lisa S. (Wasilla, US)
Best couch cover ever

We were a little hesitant to put this beauty on the couch while it’s still hot summer, but it’s not “hot” to sit on at all. It’s so comfy, and when I put the shoulder area with its really, really long and thick underwool and guard hairs at my end of the couch, it’s better than a couch pillow.

Amy H. (Arkansas City, US)
Bison dream comes true

I am so pleased with my bison hide. I have wanted one for nearly thirty years. It was worth the wait. Great quality, clean hair, and so soft to lay on.

Michael R. (Angola, US)

Very impressive. More so than I imagined.

Richard K. (Huntsville, US)
a touch of americana class

Received my Tatanka (Buffalo) hide a year ago. It joined hides of Otter, Wolf, Coyote, Badger in my "Man Cave" also filled with touches of Americana of the "Old" West. AWESOME! AS a Boy Scout, member of the Order of the Arrow and performing in several Native American Dance Teams I had always coveted this "trophy". I now Have one. Quality is outstanding. What more can I say. Elicits comments from everyone that sees it of feels it on the hearth.

Steve (Wichita, US)
Bison hide

Other than suffering from buyers remorse, the purchase was seamless. I’ve bought many pairs of socks from Buffalo Wool and have been extremely pleased. The hide I received is beautiful! As described. And it’s huge!!
I have no room in my house to display it that doesn’t expose it to direct sunlight…and that sucks. But the product, the company, and the buying process are all top notch!

Mark b. (Questa, US)

I sent Ron a picture of the space where I had hoped to use the robe. The pic also included my olden golden. He chose the perfect hide. Looks like a mature bull with a golden mane and dark, rich long hair and sheep like wool around the neck and forearm area. It absolutely was made for the adobe/log cabin.
Sophie approves and so do I.
It's so spectacular that I am inclined to hang it from the wall or display it as a rug. But that's not what we bought it for.
Thank you Ron. Well done

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