Bison Fiber Soil Amendment 1lb package Yarn The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison Fiber Soil Amendment 1lb package Yarn The Buffalo Wool Co.

Bison Fiber Soil Amendment

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What is it?  well, most simply it is 1lb of buffalo hair, the short down and guard hair that is left when we make our yarns.   Just part of our program for finding the best use for everything bison.  

What do I do with it? When tilling up your garden, or filling pots for planting, just spread the fiber out as you mix up the dirt.   It's is pretty simple, we recommend .5 lbs per square yard of garden plot, or 1 oz per one gallon pot.   Obviously if you have more clay in your soil, you might want to use more.

Why would I want to use it?  Bison fiber is a great source of very slow release nitrogen and other minerals that puts nutrients back into the soil.  It also improves drainage and soil aeration.  Supercharge your garden the natural way. 

Want to read a little more on hair additives in agriculture?.... check out this article.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah R. (Dayton, US)
Already can see garden improvment

I am definitely excited to try this bison fiber. I think already seeing growth improvement in my potato section of the garden. Also glad have enough to use for the upcoming year or at another family member garden. Also really happy to put bison fibers back into local environment seeing no buffalo herds in my region. Definitely reccomend to gardeners improving their garden beds.


We’re skeptical but willing to try new things!

Larry W. (Gravois Mills, US)
Happy with Purchase

I love buffalo fibers, and is usually quite expensive for spinning. I bought the 5 pound box since it was on sale and the site also had another discount with free shipping. I have been looking at this fiber for awhile now. I was very pleased how clean it was. and yes 5 pounds is allot but had the best savings. I want to use allot of it for the garden and big pots soil, but I also want to use this for needle felting, stuffing for little pillows, even though short fibers I may card some with another fiber and see how it spins up, and other fiber art projects. I love the feel of buffalo fibers so am happy with my purchase

M.D. (Denver, US)
Great insulation for brooding boxes

Our chickens love it and are still laying at -15°. They move it to where they want it. Great stuff.

Carol D. (Arlington, US)
Great Soil Additive

I love the Bison Fiber as an soil additive. Besides the additives (minerals, etc.) that it adds to the soil it helps to aerate and loosen the soil. I have used in planting soil even for my houseplants as well at the bottom of pots for keeping soil in and drainage. Great stuff—can’t knit it though!😂

Diane (Suffolk, US)
A natural option

I like having a natural option for amending my soil. I live in an area with clay-heavy soil. Digging the bison fiber into the garden beds really makes a difference!

Dave B. (Blossburg, US)
Soil fiber amendment

The quantity is a lot… the quality of the fiber is clean n fresh. I was wondering why it wasn’t a garment. I’ve just recently placed it in some pots with differing plants… it is to early to say it works.. but I believe you. I also gave a small amount to my crop seed supplier. He said he’d give some to the chemical nutritionist guy in the office for analysis. I am pleased with the order. Thank you. I like trying natural things

tjc (West Point, US)
Really helps our heavy clay soil

I have been using this under my potted succulents and my rosemary bushes--things that require good drainage--but now I have 5 lbs to work with, and will use it to amend the beds where I plant the carrots and potatoes, because our soil is so dense and full of clay. I like compost, but the wildlife also likes it--but the 'critters' are not attracted to the bison hair, so it does its job unmolested. And it will gradually improve my soil

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