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Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes
Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes

Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes

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Have you always wanted that amazing Bison (American buffalo) winter hide to have on the bed or couch, for those cold cold winter nights, or just to hang on the wall in the cabin? 

A uniquely American tradition, tanned bison hide has been used to warm and decorate homes for thousands of years. During the winter the robe is at its densest and most lustrous and makes for the best hides.

 Our winter bison hides display a range of rich and deep hues, from dark coffee brown to golden caramel. The fur is soft and thick, making it ideal as a rug or throw to chase away the cold. Next to the hearth, for the bed, or on the back of a chair, add texture and warmth to any room.

 These are prime winter bison hides,  tanned by one of the best ever tanners in the USA, perfect for your couch, bed, or even as a rug.  They are garment tanned, and butter soft.  We also have the larger robes, still beautiful, not trimmed or sewn, but with some imperfections (knife nicks or small cuts) that make them better suited towards becoming a coat, vest, or just on the couch at the cabin.

BG bison hide 71 - measures 74" l X 72" W, weighs 20.5 lbs, 3 color range - dark brown, light brown and blond tips, with partial tail

BG bison hide 72 - measures 82" L x 72" W, weighs 13.2 lbs, dark brown with light to blond tips, with tail

BG bison hide 73 -  measures 83" L x 70" W, weighs 18.3 lbs, dark brown with light brown and blond tips, with tail

BG bison hide 74 - measures 63" L x 74" W, weighs 15.7 lbs, dark brown with a light brown center, with tail

BG Bison hide 75 -  measures 79" L x 70" W, weighs 22.7 lbs, dark to light brown with blonde tips, partial tail

BG Bison hide 76 -  measures 80" W x 68" W, weighs 14.6 lbs, dark to medium brown with a few blond tips, partial tail

BG Bison hide 77 - measures 80" L x 68" W, weighs 14.6 lbs, dark brown with light brown tips, partial tail

BG Bison hide 78 - measures 76" L x 66" W, weighs 12.7 lbs, dark brown, partial tail

BG Bison hide 79 - measures 89" L x 70" W, weighs 17.2 lbs, dark brown, light to blonde hump, partial tail

BG Bison hide 80 - measures 78" L x 72" W, weighs 15.3 lbs, dark brown to light brown, partial tail

Prime Buffalo Hide

Every bison hide we choose has its own story; the natural differences found in the brands, rub marks, and scars are unique to each animal. We are often asked the best practices for caring for these one of a kind pieces. It’s easy, we promise! Here are some product care tips and tricks to ensure that your buffalo hide maintains all the uniqueness and elements that you love.

Storing Your Hide

We recommend keeping your hide outside of direct sunlight. Too much sun can damage or discolor the hair. The hide should be kept loose – compressing the piece could also cause damage. Never use plastic containers to store your hide — these can cause the hide to sweat itself and ruin the hide.

Cleaning and Care

Your hide is made for everyday use. If your piece takes a spill, spot-clean as much of the liquid as you can. Then, simply use a clean damp cloth to blot the area. Cleaning solutions are too harsh for the fur, so avoid using them or saturating the piece in water. If your hide becomes matted, a heavy metal comb can be used to brush it out. We recommend a Scotch Comb for this.

If you are using your hide as a rug, we recommend vacuuming at least once a week. To avoid getting the hair tangled, we typically use the vacuum hose instead of the vacuum brush. If you prefer your hide as a wall hanging, bedspread, wrap, or throw, vacuum as needed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Ed S. (Los Angeles, US)
Beautiful and comfortable

I have it draped over my leather couch. Anyone sitting on the couch can lay back against the warm, protective texture of this amazing animal.

P. E.T. (Los Angeles, US)
Bison hide is AMAZING!

I ordered a bison hide/robe, and absolutely LOVE it! It is so soft, and exactly what I needed to add to my minimalist lifestyle. It serves so many purposes for me, on my bed, floor, sitting area…I’ve given one to my best friend for Christmas this year, as I know he’ll love it as well.

Jennifer H.
Love my Buffalo hide

I planned to use this on my bed, but it now has a permanent spot on our living room couch, where we can share or fight over it. Beautiful fur. Unbelievably warm to wrap up in.

Mike D. (Aurora, US)
Amazing hide

This hide is everything I expected, and more. I use it every night. It is like a weighted blanket that keeps a good temperature. I’d recommend anyone getting one.

Joseph R. (Boston, US)
Love My Bison Hide

I love it the colors ,the way it feels , it is so soft,I have no regrets , I cannot thank you enough. I am so glad I called to inquire about it. I am a fan for life. The socks are also great.

Mike F. (Fort Worth, US)
Buffalo Robe

It’s amazing! Large, thick soft and warm!
A beautiful piece!

Robert Y. (Chambersburg, US)

some small (2) holes. about a 12 inch 3inch area folded over and not soft otherwise nice robe. 4 stars! Thanks

Mark B. (Seattle, US)
Awesome hide

Perfect just what I wanted

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