Trying to Avoid Sweaty Feet This Summer? Wool Socks are the Answer

When most people get new clothing, they simply wear it. But Jeff Martin, a PhD student at Texas A&M University, had another idea. We provided Jeff with a pair of Casual Crew socks to test in the field (literally) in south Texas.

He wasn’t so sure of our claims that our bison and merino wool blend socks are superior to common cotton. But instead of going online and looking things up, he did the research himself. And when he discovered that everything we claimed was true, he sent us the report that proved it.

We love that Jeff did this. The claim that our products are better in every way than the most common type of materials might sound a bit outlandish. But, his skepticism has only helped prove that our claims are true after all.

Bison Wool Outperforms Cotton

His report highlights two main benefits of bison wool socks in the summer. When it’s 100 degrees out and you’re sweating, you want something that will get rid of it. Our bison socks do exactly that by wicking the moisture away and allowing it to evaporate. Traditional cotton socks retain that moisture, leaving you with damp feet.

Side by side comparison. Left image is visible spectrum photo, right photo is longwave infrared thermal image. Notice, the right boot (cotton sock) does not have sweat stains (lack of wicking).

The second main benefit is even more obvious: bison wool socks stay cooler in hotter temperatures. In his report, he says the bison wool socks were about 3 degrees cooler than the cotton socks. And at a temperature of 100° Fahrenheit, every degree matters.

Infrared FLIR comparison of wool socks and cotton socks showing bison wool socks are cooler

"The preliminary results suggest than wool blend socks may be of better quality during sweltering hot days than cotton. The adage, “cotton kills,” comes to mind."

That day, Jeff learned the same thing so many of our customers have: bison wool socks are just better than cotton. They keep you cool and get rid of the sweat that can make summer miserable. And now we have a report to prove it.

Read the full report or buy your own pair of Casual Crew socks.

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