Bison & Wool Comforters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison & Wool Comforters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison & Wool Comforters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co. King 108"x90"
Bison & Wool Comforters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison & Wool Comforters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison & Wool Comforters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co.
Bison & Wool Comforters Accessories The Buffalo Wool Co. Lap 45" x 72" w/duvet cover

Bison & Wool Comforters

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 Bison & Wool Duvet and Bedding

    A bison & wool comforter is a wonderful way to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer while being an economical way to reduce your electrical bill! Comforters are treasured gifts and heirlooms that you will cherish for many years to come. Our lap blanket comes with a buffalo check duvet cover, while the queen or king is ready for a duvet cover of your choice (not included). 

    Bison down-filled duvets will provide you with the warmth and cushioning your body desires.  Each bison and wool comforter is covered with a ticking fabric and individually hand-tied and crafted by our experienced staff here in the U.S.A. We make a variety of three sizes; lap, queen, and king.

    • comforter fill is 70% bison fiber and 30% fine wool
    • The cover is a hand-tied ticking fabric very densely woven pure cotton, (keeps fibers from poking out)
    • Lap  size 45" x 72"; weight   6 lbs (Buffalo Check Duvet included)
    • Queen size 90" x 90"  weight  7.12 lbs (No Duvet included)
    • King size 108" x 90", weight 8.3 lbs (No Duvet included)
    • Made in the USA

      Care and Washing Instructions

      1. Dry Clean- you can have these professionally dry cleaned 

      Laundering Service available. 

      We will launder your wool bed accessories including comforters, quilts, mattress pads, and pillow. You pay for shipping to and from.

      • Lap blanket 60"x90"                    $27.00
      • Queen/King 90"x90" or 108"x90"  $39.00

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Lap blanket 45×72

      I'm an over the road truck driver,and I bought the lap blanket to use in my truck. The size is perfect for my bed,and it is so warm I can't believe it!! Saves me money on fuel,as I don't have to turn my sleeper heater up as high,and the darn thing looks good too!

      Warm and Cozy Buffalo Blanket!

      We love the warmth of the blanket and the soft cover! Great to wrap up in around an outdoor fire!


      This comforter is amazing. The instant you get under the comforter you start to feel the warmth. I highly recommend this item.

      Very warm

      This comforter is extra comfy, cozy, and warm! It is difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

      Bison and Wool Comforter, Take 2

      I purchased a 2nd comforter several weeks ago and now that it's cold, I finally opened the box.

      I'm excited to report that Ron and Theresa took the suggestion in my original review about adding snaps to
      the opening of the duvet cover. WOW--that's fabulous customer service!!!

      Bison & Wool Comforter

      Can’t tell you how much we love this comforter! It is incredible! The only problem we have is keeping our fur baby from claiming it!! Sure wish you made these in a dog bed size!

      Bison Comforter

      Great item and perfect size. Super comfortable and warm.

      Bison & Wool Lap Comforter with Red/Black Check flannel covering

      I'm thrilled with my Bison & Wool Lap Comforter! I already use 100% wool-filled duvets and mattress toppers on my beds (and love them), but I didn't have anything similar for use with my recliner when I'm reading or watching TV. Well, now I do! And the addition of 50% bison fiber makes this lap-comforter *so* much warmer than my all-wool duvets (which are plenty warm).

      I heat my house to the mid/upper 50s and this lap comforter keeps me roasty, toasty warm!

      If I could make one change, I'd add a series of snaps along the opening of the checked flannel covering. As it is, the fabric splays open and the comforter wants to escape its cover. (Note--there *are* ribbon ties/loops to hold the cover and inner comforter together, but the ties tend to come untied quickly; also, the ties do nothing to keep the fabric from splaying open.)