Grown Up Easter Egg Hunt! | The Buffalo Wool Co.

Grown Up Easter Egg Hunt!

egg hunt

Hopefully you had a wonderful day with your family, but now it's your turn to have a little fun and hunt some Easter Eggs. We have hidden 10+ eggs around our website... They could be pretty much anywhere. Those eggs are in some way attached to codes. Those codes can win you prizes; free yarn, free socks, or discounts on things.

Because you are grown ups, we are gonna make this a bit of a challenge, the codes might be a bit of a challenge to figure out.  What they are good for might be tough to figure out as well.  They might take you other places.... they might be good on our site.

One possible scenario.. you found an egg, it looks something like this.,Easter1212  If you notice, there is a little "Easter1212" at the bottom of the egg, that code might be good for a free skein of Earth, or might be good for 10%-100% off your entire order.  Put a skein of yarn... or anything in your cart, see if that code works at checkout.  It might take a bit of time to figure out what each is good for, and if you don't have the right item in your cart, it might not work.  The codes are also limited on number of uses some are good for only 1-5 free items, discount codes might be good on your whole cart, ONE code is good for 100% off your entire order of whatever you have in your cart, but it is gonna be really really well hidden.  When you find an egg with a code you like, make sure you complete the checkout!  That way you will get your prize.  You are competing against the entire internet, so go find eggs.  The rewards should be worth it.

We will be keeping up with the thread on our Facebook page, so if you found anything, go there, share your winnings, and have a great hunt!

Ron & T, Stacey, Lynette, Judy, Chloe and the rest of the Gang here at the BWC.