Buffalo Wool Company Cares - #BWCCares

     BWC supports the Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge with 50% of all sales from our Bison & Birds nesting kits.  We understand all to well the expense that comes from just the up keep on fencing, gates and even hay in times of drought.  If you would like to learn more about the Nature Center & Refuge, please visit  naturecenterfriends.org

We also are a collection point for both yarn and finished goods
for two of our favorite projects:

collect knitted hats that are distributed at several cancer treatment centers around the country.


 Project Linus blankets also gives back to our children in need through children hospitals through out the country as well.  There is a chapter near you if you would like to become more involved, please give them a quick call they would be thrilled to hear from you. 


New Beginnings Washcloths projects are given to cancer patients on thier last day raditation treatment to wash away the treatment; we accept washcloths for this project.  Please knit project out of a cotton blend yarn.

Makers Meet Up - Knitting for the homeless in Rochester find them on Facebook

Hello Again Theresa & Ron!
I want to start off by saying thank you for your amazing donation last year to Makers Meet Up! The items you sent were worked into some of the most amazing hats and scarves I've ever seen! Thanks to you, many homeless people here in Rochester had a warm winter, protected from the cold. 
This year Makers Meet Up is looking to double our work from last year! With more than 50 makers, we handed out hundreds of hats, scarves and socks to the homeless! This year, we are searching for 100 makers!! We would like to donate 500 items which means we need more yarn, more crochet hooks, more needles and more looms! We will also be making blankets!!! 
Last year we received over 300 skeins of yarn in all shapes, sizes and colors! This year we want to double that too! We are pushing for 600 skeins, but we need your help! If you can donate to our group again this year in any way, please let me know. Our biggest need so far is crochet hooks, but we also need more knitting needles, looms, finishing needles and of course yarn. 
Again, on behalf on myself and all the makers; thank you so much for your support in our first year. Without you we couldn't have done the amazing things we did. Together, we are creating change!
Thank you,
Greyson Dale 
Founder - Coordinator
Makers Meet Up, Rochester N.Y.