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      Fur clothing is taxable. Fur clothing means human wearing apparel that is both: • required to be labeled as a fur product • the fur is the main component of value (the value of fur is more than three times the value of the next most valuable component) Fur means any animal skin with the hair, fleece, or fur fibers attached. Fur does not include leather, suede, or other animal skins where the fur fiber was completely removed in the processing of the skins.

      Sewing materials are not considered clothing. However, sewing materials that become part of clothing are exempt from sales tax. Examples of sewing materials include: • Buttons • Fabric • Thread • Trim • Yarn • Zippers • Other items directly incorporated into the construction of clothing

      Nontaxable Clothing

      • Boots (except ski and fishing boots)
      • Caps and hats
      • Jackets and coats
      • Snowmobile suits
      • Sweatshirts
      • T-shirts and jerseys


      66 products

      66 products