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The History of Heritage Bison Ranches

Rocking P Ranch, Sisseton, SD, Owners, Bruce & Corrine Prins (Mom & Dad)

My Dad, Bruce Prins, has been raising bison for over 40 years in northeast South Dakota, just west of Sisseton. What started out as just a fun little gig with 7 head has turned into a herd of over 400. In his twenties, Dad raised cattle. He calved out over 200 head every year, pastured yearlings, and had feeder cattle. Didn't take him long after getting those 7 head for him to realize he wanted to grow his bison herd. As the bison herd grew, he slowly sold off his cattle herd until he was 100% bison ranching. The ranch in South Dakota is called Rocking P Ranch, and is 2,000 acres of native prairie. Every year he has a live auction where he sells his calf crop after our annual roundup. Buyers show up from all across the country and bid in person and the online simulcast to buy from his exceptional herd.

Bollmeyer Farms, Hinton, Iowa, Owners, Lance & Rachel Bollmeyer (Bruce & Corrine's Daughter & Son-in-Law)

Two years ago, Dad came to my husband Lance and I to discuss selling our bison meat online. Lance and I own Bollmeyer Farms, raising corn and soybeans on the farm that Lance was born on. How could we make this work with the herd in South Dakota and us in Iowa, 250 miles away? After many telephone calls, research, meetings in person, and a lot serious family discussions, we formed Heritage Bison Ranches.

Dad, and I quote "My life is not going to change...I will still only take care of the big herd in South Dakota. I will help you any way that I can, but you kids (me, my sister Robin in Texas, and brother John in Georgia) need to do the rest." Haha Dad. Jokes on you! He's as hands on as any of us.

Dad hand selects the bison that are raised on his 2,000 acres of native prairie in South Dakota that are ready to be harvested and brings them to us, here at Bollmeyer Farms. Here, we put 90 days of corn and alfalfa on them, that we raise ourselves, before they are harvested at small, local, State and USDA Certified lockers we know and trust. Once harvested and processed, the bison meat is stored here at our farm in Iowa, and packaged and shipped all across the country. Why do we put them on 90 days of corn and alfalfa? Exceptional flavor! And, we aren't taking away any of the many nutritional benefits of bison.
When I shipped the first harvest of some meat to my Dad, who has only had grass-fed bison his whole life, I was worried he wouldn't like it. After tasting it his comment was "Why haven't we been doing this for the past 40 years?" He loves it.

Heritage Bison Ranches=Rocking P Ranch + Bollmeyer Farms

The name signifies the uniting of two farms and ranches into one, to bring you the healthiest and best tasting bison meat in the United States. We promise hard work and transparency, along with a lot of prayers and help from the Almighty up above, in hopes we will continue to do so for many years to come. Our heritage depends on it.

(Mom actually came up with the name, it came to her in a dream. Check out our blog posts on our website. I'll be writing about this soon.)

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Product/Service Overview

Bison raised on 2,000 acres of native prairie
Sustainable, regenerative & holistic ranching practices
100% antibiotic & growth hormone free bison meat
Shipped straight from our ranch to your door
Processed at small, local USDA & State Certified lockers we know and trust
We are with our bison from birth to harvest, through processing and shipping to your front door
Hand selected and aged for more tender bison meat and bolder flavor
Nutrient dense bison meat so you eat less
Lower in cholesterol, fat and calories
Higher in protein, iron and Vitamin B2
Here you know where your food comes from, our HERITAGE depends on it.

Find all our products on our website and learn more about us at https://www.heritagebisonranches.com. We ship nationwide and you can also pick up your order at our ranch by placing your order online and choosing that shipping option.

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