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Golden Prairie Bison - Valentine, Nebraska

39953 State Highway 12
Valentine, Nebraska 69201
United States

Located just outside of Valentine, Nebraska, Golden Prairie Bison is run by Carl and Vicki Simmons, with help from their family. Our family has lived and worked on this land since Carl’s grandmother homesteaded in the area in 1914.

We introduced bison to our ranch in the mid-1990s because Carl wanted to try his hand at something new. Since then, we’ve been in awe of these majestic animals and how efficiently and sustainably they live on the land. We love working on the Great Plains and hope we can share a little bit of this unique and incredibly important place with you.

Our mission at Golden Prairie Bison is to steward the land and conserve it for the benefit of generations to come. We hope to share a small piece of that journey with you.

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Product/Service Overview

Educational Bison Tours on Native Prairie
Rustic Campsites
Bison Jerky
Sales of frozen meat by the pound, quarter, half & whole
Bison hunts
Sale of Bison skulls, hides, furs

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