DMD Ranch - Free range, Grass Fed - Texas

DMD Ranch - Paige, Texas

4974 TX-21
Paige, Texas 78659
United States

DMD Ranch, where the bison roam, is a family-owned and operated ranch located in Paige, Texas. Beyond our bison, we care for exotics that will be available for purchase once they have matured. We tend to our land, so our animals may enjoy the quality of life that produces quality meat. Our bison, and all of our animals graze in large grass and hay-filled pastures, some with water features. There’s really not much more to know about us.

We take care of our land.
We treat our animals with respect, so you’re able to treat your family to an amazing healthy meal.

And, we embody good ole fashioned Texas values:
Respect yourself, partners and all people.

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Product/Service Overview

We offer quality bison meat products direct to consumers.

Our products are listed on our website. Call or email to check availability and schedule a time to come to the ranch to pick up your order!

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