Year of Making!


SOLD OUT - JAN 5th   We do apologize, and keep an eye on this page.   If any spots do open up, we will release them here.

It is Jan 1, and you are full of vim, vigor, ambition, and great intentions, so what do you lack?  Raw materials!  We have plenty of those, and this way we will help keep you on track. (see what we did there?)   Get subscribed now for 12 skeins. This fingering weight yarn creates a soft luxurious fabric with inner strength. While bison yarn is perfect for knitting warm socks, gloves and hats, buffalo yarn's soft light texture is also ideal for handcrafted fashionable scarves and other fashion accessories.

What do I get for subscribing? 12, (yep, an even dozen skeins) of Tracks, our Bison/Superwash Merino Blend, 400 yards, 100g.   Each skein enough for a pair of socks, mitts, a hat, or a blanket square. 

What colors will you send me?....  please no yellow, I hate pink, I look funny in orange.    We guarantee you will get at least one of each of 12 different colors, not to mention the 5 new colors for 2015, if there is a particular color you don't like, just memo it in the comment field and we will make sure it never heads your way. 

So, all I get is yarn?   well, technically yes, but you will also be invited into our new "Year of Making" group, where we plan on sharing all sorts of things (even Ron's new obsession with making cheese), we are going on this journey with you, and hopefully being supportive and motivating.   We are committed to helping you keep your goal of Making.

What can I expect to make?  Well, that is up to you, but our new Design Coordinator, Lynette Meek of Le Tissier design fame, will have plenty of suggestions, along with our Facebook and Ravelry groups will be sharing project ideas, patterns and T is working on a Blanket Square a month idea....  something she really wants to do herself, and would love to have you along.

How long do I have to wait for this first shipment? Well, signups are open only till Jan 5th and all orders will be processed and shipped by Jan 6th, none of this waiting around like we did for the holiday kits :)  Subsequent orders will be shipped by the 1st of each month.

What is this all gonna cost me, and do I have to pay for it all right now? $27 per month, less than $1.00 per day, gets you the whole shebang, it covers shipping, handling and possibly a few patterns along the way.   (please note, shipping is only included to the US, please write us for special arrangements for overseas orders, we will work something out. )

What happens if I get behind in my knitting?   Either we can have Guido (one of my favorite knitter guys) show up at your door and break your double points, or YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME!  Don't stress over stashing too much yarn, this is intended as a helping motivator, and should never be thought of as an obligation. 

Bonus gifts?  Aren't there always Bonus gifts?  Funny you should ask, If you order now, there will be a special custom Erin Lane project bag, designed especially for this "Year of Making!" along with an "I completed the Year of Making"  certificate that will be shipped out with Decembers Kit..  (please note, you have to remain subscribed all the way till Dec to get the project bag)



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