BWC "Range Roamers" Affliate Pro-staff program

We are starting our "Range Roamers" pro-staff and would love you join us. 

We got to thinking and had the idea to start a group of beta testers, who can provide honest feedback of how BWC gear performs in the wild.  We need people to test new products, share information, maybe take some pictures and make suggestions as to things we should make. 

Do you like to go out and do things? Do you mind sharing stories and photographs?  These are really the only qualifications we ask. 

We will be starting kinda small 20-30 at first, and as we get a handle on this, we will be adding people and growing the herd. 


Jessica Gable, biologist, ecologist, artist, and musher. 


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  • Bernard Douglas Federspiel

    12 days 200 miles. Great wearing socks.

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