A Stunning Buffalo Partnership

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Stunning String Studio and The Buffalo Wool Company are excited to announce a new Stunning Buffalo partnership! Stunning Buffalo yarns are a beautiful line of bison fiber yarn processed by The Buffalo Wool Company, and dyed by Stunning String Studio. This partnership between the two companies will create gorgeous buffalo yarns, and a team of industry leaders focused on innovation and creativity.

“We have found the perfect partnership that will enhance our bison yarns with Stunning String Studios. We share many core values, work ethics, vision, and goals. We look forward to continuing to be the driving force in manufacturing and producing the bison fibers that will create Stunning Buffalo yarns!” Ron & Theresa Miskin, The Buffalo Wool Company

Bison fiber is a luxurious and comfortable fiber; it provides unparalleled quality and versatility. The Buffalo Wool Company has been at the forefront of the bison fiber industry, partnering with ranchers, mills, and factories, to harvest and utilize this rare fiber. When it came time to elevate the possibilities of buffalo yarn, Ron and Teresa Miskin wanted a partner to bring “the colors, blends, and handknit designs and yarns” to the next level. Tom and Cindy Garland at Stunning String Studio are able to do just that.

“Blending our extensive dye palette with the unique yarn from [The] Buffalo Wool Company, gives us the opportunity to work with a stunning product, and also partner with amazing people,” Tom & Cindy Garland, Stunning String Studio.

Visit the Stunning Buffalo collection on stunningstring.com. 

In addition to online, Stunning String Studio’s retail space  located at 1630 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore, IL 60178, will sell Stunning Buffalo yarn. The new product line will also be featured at several upcoming yarn trade shows https://www.stunningstring.com/events/ for a full list of upcoming events.

For more information on The Buffalo Wool Company, Stunning String Studio, and Stunning Buffalo yarn, please contact the following:


  • Tom Kennedy

    All the best to both parties for a great successful and fruitful relationship. Things can only get better for us knitters

  • Sandy Kokaly

    YEAH! I am so excited! Can’t wait for the open house in Sycamore! I love unique yarns. Thank you

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