12 Days of Bison Day 2: "Snow Plow"

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving 2.0!

It is day 2 of our little bison celebration, and while we have tried to make sure that each day just raises the bar and is unique and interesting. Today's offering is no exception, not a "new" artist, but absolutely amazing... It isn't easy capturing the raw power and majesty of a bison, even photographs typically can't really convey just how awe-inspiring they are, and I while would I say that you really need to see a big bull bison in the wild to understand Dallen manages to put that power and thunderous feeling on canvas.

We had a great day yesterday, and although we spent a good chunk of the day working around here, we did get to visit virtually with family and I spent the evening with my mother and sister. I hope you had a nice day as well.

I hope you enjoy the tidbits today.
Ron & T

Day 2 of 12: Best of Bison: "Snow Plow"

From another new friend and artist. Bison have been the subject of art since man first started scratching images into rocks and cave walls. Capturing the power and majesty of these amazing beasts is a challenge and the work of Dallan Lambson does this spectacularly...

Dallen isn't a new "undiscovered" artist (he is actually pretty famous and his works have been featured in many places), but he is new to me, and while his work is spectacular, it is also accessible and affordable, offering reproductions at reasonable prices. I may have also ordered a print of "Snow Plow" for the office.

Dallen Lambson, a second generation artist, has been fully immersed in the world of artistry throughout his life. Honored as Artist of the Year by both the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation, many have come to appreciate Dallen's keen eye and steady hand. Drawing inspiration from God's canvas in the picturesque setting of Southeast Idaho, Dallen attributes his love of the outdoors to a rich family history spent outdoors hiking, fishing, and hunting.

In addition to his bison paintings, Dallen captures deer, elk, moose, bear, salmon, trout, racoons, shark, hogs and fly fishermen with the same intensity and power.. check out his work at dallenlambsonart.com.

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